Monday, July 19, 2010


Friday afternoon I got an email from B1 entitled: "Urgent". I've never received an urgent email from B1 before, so at first, I was a little worried. Luckily, he was just telling me that I was not to enter our living room upon coming home from work because he was working on a surprise for me! That's my kind of urgent message!

I think I mentioned that when we moved in last weekend, the sofa didn't fit. This was after B1 cut the sofa so that it would. I was really disappointed and actually sort of sad that I lost my sofa. Not only do I like my sofa, it's rather new. And also, I couldn't afford to buy a new one. Well, I suspected (hoped?) that this was the surprise he was working on-but also realized that this might not be the case. In addition to the sofa being cut apart, it was also heavily rained on and stored in a basement for a week.

But, because I have the most amazingly awesome boyfriend in the world, I HAVE A SOFA!! :) B1 and his brother brought it back to the apartment on Friday, worked some freakish magic and managed to get it into the apartment. B1 then put it back together and reattached the fabric! Seriously. He's awesome.

B1's handy work

New spiky strips of death

Pretty awesome, no?

This weekend I did a lot of work, even though it doesn't feel like it. I unpacked a lot of boxes and put things away. The kitchen is pretty much all done but we still have to fix it up. I was feeling very disjointed with the bathroom being undone, so over the past couple of days I painted it and put up some shelves. I also bought an ivy plant (with a purple plant holder for my B1!) to warm it up a tiny bit and put some things in the cabinet. I'm really happy with how it came out. I'm not sure if I have a "before" picture-but it was pretty nasty. This is 1000 times better! Take a look at the "before" pictures...

Notice the mold on the ceiling. B1 washed the entire place down with bleach and then we put 2 coats of Kilz on it.


Not so ugly

The only thing that is sort of perplexing me right now is this shower curtain. Because of the slope in the ceiling, the curtain rod is very small. This means that we can't fully close the curtain when we shower-which is really annoying. It also hangs funny. I've already cut it and am planning on hemming it-but keeping it closed enough is going to be a creative endeavor. It works for now, but within the next couple of days, I would very much like to get it fixed.

I think that our place is going to being really fantastic when it's done. Already, it really feels like home, even though there are so many things still left to be done. We have a lot of painting still-and my closet will be redone soon too-also b/c B1 rocks. Everything else is just cosmetic and organizing and I feel like by the end of next week, it'll be done. Hopefully.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying cooking dinner as much as possible and making it feel like home.


And Miles To Go... said...

you DO have a really great boyfriend! Glad you have your couch back!

LceeL said...

THAT'S the kind of 'Urgent' to get. It looks lovely - and I'm sure you'll make it the nicest place to be. Because that's just who you are.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

A gas stove... I so want one at home, but we're all electric. You lucky duck!

Desert Songbird said...

I'm still marveling at the fact that you paint each and every apartment in which you have ever lived. I NEVER painted; apartments where I've lived never gave me permission to do so!

Mags said...

Lois: Yeah...I really like this one in particular. It's the best one I've had since moving her. I DO wish I had a convection oven though...

DS: I have to. It's just too plain all white. Plus, this place was nasty without the fresh paint!

Travis Cody said...

Interesting problem with the shower curtain. But even with that, it looks like y'all are settling in quite well.

Linda said...

I'm so glad to see that B1 saved your couch - that was a great couch and so very, very comfortable!! I don't think I'm ever going to get my couch out of the living room as it was a bear to get it in to begin with!

Things are looking very, very nice!!

Rocketstar said...

Wow, very nice. I think you caught a good one.