Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"You can't squirrel hump my butt!"

I am still amazed at how talented my boyfriend is...who saws a couch apart and then puts it back together again-so that we can actually sit on it???

There is a really mean stupid lady at the IKEA here in MA. I hate her.

It's nice to be told by someone who hasn't seen you recently that you look good and that they can tell you lost 30 pounds. Especially when you are feeling particularly ugly and bad about yourself and how you've not been going to the gym.

Going on a date in the most wonderful city with the most wonderful boy eating the most wonderful rainbow cookies...wonderful.

I write reviews on Yelp from time to time and one of my reviews is very well read. It's also very negative due to my experience (it was at the place I got the ghetto mani/pedi). The other day I got an email asking me to take it down. She claimed to be the mother of one of the tech there and said that her husband died and she can't feed her 4 kids. She also rated the spa at 5 stars in a I contacted Yelp, flagged her review and updated my review sharing the email, the discrepancies in her name and highlighted the fact that employees here are known for writing their own reviews under false names. Her review is gone....

Even if there weren't so many discrepancies in her email request/review...I wouldn't have taken it down. I'm not about to lie about the service I neglected to receive and wouldn't want someone else (with not a lot of money) to get suckered in!

I'm hesitant to say this-but we haven't hear Sammy in a while.

It's hard to get my family together.


And Miles To Go... said...

Please explain the first comment :) I know this is a random post BUT you talk about squirrel humping and then start talking about your boyfriend. First the pudding and then this?! You just can't toy with us readers with such ambiguity here! And then I neglected to mention pan!

LceeL said...

Yes. Please? A little enlightenment regarding the 1st line of your post?

Mags said...

Ha, ha, ha!!!

That would ruin the randomivity of it all, wouldn't it? ;)

"Lois Grebowski" said... about that cake pan... did you buy it?
(just a random question for a random post)

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

OK, your opening line gives new meaning to WTF????

Travis Cody said...

I couldn't focus on anything you wrote after the first line!

SilverNeurotic said...

You would think that place would read the review and do what they could to fix their business rather than harass reviewers.

A few weeks ago I reviewed a book that I didn't exactly like due to various reasons and it stressed me out because I was given the book to review (rather than a book I bought or borrowed on my own accord). I did highlight the positive aspects of the book-but I did put my criticisms so I was a little worried how the author would feel, but she emailed me and didn't seem upset at all.