Saturday, June 05, 2010

Why Am I Blogging? I Have 2 Much 2 Do!

Due to the fact that I had waaaay to much sangria, margaritas and wine last night, my Saturday is starting out a little more slowly than planned. I have lots to do before 6pm-which is when my B1 gets here. I hope to get motivated very soon. It's hard to do though, when you're still a little foggy in the brain and hungry.

I have to make an appetizer for a party that we are going to tonight. It's a party for a friend of mine who recently got married. They are having another ceremony in July but the people coming to this party, for the most part, have not been invited to that-which is why we're going to this party. Weird, I know...but it's in their honor and she's a good friend, so it will be fun. (I hope!) I've helped her sort through all of the ups and downs of the planning. Her husbands boss offered to throw this party but has made her do all of the work. And has changed her mind several times about food options and what guests should bring....very frustrating. I'm just hoping it's not a shit show.

I also have to clean up, get a hair cut, do my nails and go shopping. I only have about 7 hours to do that. I better get my ass in gear.

One last thing before I go...I am moving again. I know I mentioned this, but I found a place and applied and got accepted hours after that. It's closer to the city (I can see it from the top of the hill...and it's right there!) and very close to work. It will only take me about 10 minutes to drive there each day or I can walk, if the weather isn't too hot or cold. I can also take the bus.

I feel really good about the move and the new place. It did take a lot of imagination to think about living there because it's dirty and dingy and needs to be painted. But B1 and I are going to make it pretty and spiffy and it will become home very quickly. And yes, there is a very strong possibility that at some point (and yes, we know when that point will probably be) he will move in.

How did my life get to be so kick ass?


Travis Cody said...

It's kick ass because you just stopped worrying about making it kick ass. You started living instead of trying to live.

G.W. said...


"Lois Grebowski" said...

you said it, Trav! I'm glad it's kick ass!