Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

They're not kidding when they say that times flies when you're having fun! How the heck is it June 15th already?!!? It really does seem like time is going by WAY too fast these days...I'm plagued with the feeling of wanting to savor every second now but also to fast forward to later. Instead of really wishing time away, I'm just going to continue to get really excited about the future while enjoying the ride.

1. You have to give a 10 minute lecture or presentation to a group of high school students. What do you talk about?

2. What is the silliest thing you believed when you were a child?

3. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?

1. I think I would talk to them about learning to be adaptable and how to keep going when you really, really don't want to.

2. I believed that if the man pushed harder during sex the baby would be a boy and if the woman pushed harder, it would be a girl. No one told me that, I just came up with it myself.

3. Food! Soups, sandwiches, tarts, cakes, brownies, sandwiches, pasta, sauces and anything else I could think of that would make my customers smile. :)


Danielle A. said...

1. I do this every week, so the answer is God & Jesus. :)

2. That I had an imaginary friend named Susan. That and Santa, tooth fairy, etc. I didn't believe much else.

3. Books & gifts... think the Hallmark type store. Yep. Like that.

Lisa Ceaser said...

1. You have to give a 10 minute lecture or presentation to a group of high school students. What do you talk about?

Bullying and safe sex.

2. What is the silliest thing you believed when you were a child?

Snipes! My dad knew I was gullible and always had me searching the grass at night with a flash light for the elusice snipe. Snipe hunts were quite popular, especially on vacations.

3. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?

Books, pictures, pastries and coffee.

G.W. said...

Good Morning!

1. If I needed to give only a 10 minute lecture to High School students, I'd want to give them a guideline for life that they would want to study on their own. John Wooden's Pyramid of Success. It covers everything from faith to business to life. Plus it is written by the most successful college coach in the history of basketball.

2. I had 2 strange childhood beliefs. First, I was told that babies come from swallowing bubble gum. I accidently swallowed a piece and panicked. The other thing is, I thought I was allergic to the sun becaue everytime I looked up at it, I would sneeze.

3. If I owned my own store, I would sell aquariums...and install and maintain them for high end clients. Not really a brick and mortar store, but a business. If it HAD to be a store, I'd say craft beers, wine, and fine liquor. Not an everyday liquor store, but a higher end one.

Travis Cody said...

1. Football, how it impacted my life, and how it shaped my choices.

2. I think the silliest thing was that I believed I had to alternate chewing bites of food on both sides of my mouth. If I chewed on one side more than the other, then those teeth would grind away. I actually counted the bites to make sure it was all even on both sides.

3. Books.

Mags said...

DMoney: Yeah...I thought God and Jesus would be your answer. You're good on that subject. :)

Lisa: I would LOVE to go to your store. All of your pictures in one place? AWESOMENESS!

GW: Morning! I cracked up picturing a little Kevin James sneezing at the sun.

Trav: I think your presentation would be amazing. Your comments and emails always inspire me-if you speak half as well as you write...wow!

Clancypants said...

1- I talk about something silly that will make them laugh, like how I loathe alarm clocks, and then at the end, tie it into some metaphor for life that will make them think.

2- I believed that stoplights were run by monkeys that were squished up inside them. To work the light the monkey would hold it's hand against the colored glass and it would come on. To change the light it would move it's hand. I have no idea where this crazy idea came from... but I can remember turning around and looking as we passed through lights and seeing an outline of a monkey's hand. Wacked? Maybe. ;-)

3- I would have a boutiqueish store that was kinda Etsy-ish. Only handmade things there. But cool, like Etsy. Not some dorky craft store.

Clancypants said...

I meant to say on #1, I WOULD talk about something silly....

hate it when I don't edit.

Marilyn said...

1. Sex. First because there are some things they need to know that few people are going to tell them and second because they'll listen and pay attention.

2. My dad is partly to blame for this, but I thought I could make a nuclear bomb in my backyard with a clod of dirt and a butter knife. It's a good thing I couldn't and that I didn't really understand what a nuclear bomb was.

3. Books

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

1. Music and the state of the music business

2. santa? easter bunny? LOL

3. music

"Lois Grebowski" said...

1. Life... just plain life...

2. I was a very gullible child. Mom used to play with the light and reflect it on the ceiling with her makeup mirror. That was Tinkerbell. And yes, I believed her...

3. It's a toss-up between fabric, food, and gifts.