Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My last name has a "c" in it. It is not capitalized. I hate it when people automatically make it a capital when they spell it.

Some friends are just not good for pouring your heart out. Either because they try to fix the problem (when all you want to do is vent) or they have really, really, stupid advice.

I hate when people give someone who is not my boss tasks that need to be passed on to me. It sort of makes the work colleague non-existent.

Some bugs make a nasty bite.

B1 is sick with strep and to be proactive I took my temperature. It was 101.6. I started to freak out until I realized that I had just eaten a hot ravioli. After a sip of cold water, my temperature was back to normal.

As I packed boxes last night I marveled at how funny it is that I started planning my life to be single forever. And then all of a sudden, I am not.

Some pants tent...and outline your junk.

I am surprised that Listerine has never used the tune Glycerine for their advertising. I think they should.

I had a really horrible night last night. I got lost going home from work (I had to take a detour) then I dropped my dinner. When I finally sat down, I stepped on broken glass, stabbed myself under the nail with a shard and bled all over. I then went to pack and realized I have no small boxes yet. (I'm getting boxes from a friend who just moved.)


"Lois Grebowski" said...

Hugs, I hate those kind of days.

Funny you say that. Just when I started accepting Single life, I met Hank!

I don't get the capital C in your last name. It makes no sense. Your last name should be spelled the way it is.

Hope today's better!

G.W. said...

You make me laugh. Even when you have bad days/nights, you find a way to make it funny. That's a gift.

I get lost all the time, so I feel your pain. THEN, last night trying to balance two grocery bags on two sleeves of soda while opening the door, one of the bags fell and I panicked thinking it was either the eggs, or the jelly. It wasn't, it was the corn and fruit.

Have a wonderful wacky Wednesday!

Mags said...

Lois-I was packing a bright pink chenille blanket that I bought for my office-which has lots of pink accents. I figured that no boy was going to be in my life for a long, long time...and so I could get away with pink! And now...I'll be sharing an office with B1. We'll see where the pink lamp and blanket end up! LOL!

GW: C' KNEW I was going to put SOMETHING in today's post...right?!?! Right?!?! :)

Linda said...

Just because you have the bestest boy in the world in your life doesn't mean you need to totally abandon the pink - after all, you're still a female and a certain amount of pink is needed! I'm sure that B1 would totally concur as long as he had a "guy color" to balance it out!

I don't get that about the spelling of your name - it doesn't even look like it should have a capital anything else in there! I just don't know why people always have to make names harder than they do!

Hope your Wednesday is better than your Tuesday one and that B1 feels better soon. Strep throat stinks but it's even worse in the summer!

SilverNeurotic said...

I am surprised that Listerine has never used the tune Glycerine for their advertising. I think they should

Hehe, yeah, every single time I hear Glycerine I think of Lysterine.

And Miles To Go... said...

LOL--you MUST have a notepad next to you at all times to be able to remember all of this randomivity going on in your head! Too funny. I would buy Lysterine if it used that song--just because I think Gavin Rossdale is hot! Hope you have a great Thursday.