Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Searching for apartments is tiring...especially when you don't really want to move...but have to move.

I am still amazed at how different life is today than it was this fall...if you remember, I created a secret blog to write about my broken heart. It feels good-really good-to be past all of that.

Also on that blog is a complete list of things that I wanted in an ideal mate. B1 matches 66 of the 70 things I wrote down!!!! That's pretty darn good, I'd say. :)

When you only have a certain amount of money to spend, it's a lot harder to make choices.

You should not eat a tomato like an apple. Especially if you normally get food all over yourself anyway.

It is almost my birthday. Not really. But almost.

5th floor walk ups are only OK if what you walk up to is awesome.

I really hope my medicine starts working soon. I already had to tell B1 about my face and I really sort of wish I didn't have to.

Some bats are hot. Even if they scare the poop out of you in a dark bedroom. And even if they aren't really bats.

A fireman's pole would not be a good way to enter a kitchen.

Cooking with a cute boy is absolutely wonderful. Especially if said cute boy is just as insanely in love with you as you are with him.

UTI's suck ass.

It is fun to talk about the future.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

Good morning. Woke up to the wind whipping around on the RV... Hope you feel better soon!

Danielle A. said...

Feel better soon my friend. Also - RE: Face - if it's going to work out, he'd find out anyways. :) :) And I do think it's working out from the sounds of it!!

Shutterbug8162 said...

Uh oh, hot face and a UTI, not good. At all. I hope you feel better soon. It sucks to be sick in the heat.

Your happy place made me think of this FB post from my brother on Sunday.

I've always believed that life is divided into two parts: what is and what should be. And maybe with a little luck, there are moments when the two parts touch. When what is and what should be are the same. Sitting here while nicole is off to her bridal shower with some of her best friends and soon the wedding with a tr...uly m...odern family, these are those amazing moments when what is and what should be meet.

I think you are in the what should be, meets what is part! And so glad too!

G.W. said...

I think a fireman's pole would be a fantastic way to enter a kitchen.....for like 2 days and then I think I'd get sick of it. But I do wish I had one as an option to get down to my family room. Maybe I just want secret passageways like an old clock hiding stairs like Webster.

By the have inspired me.

G.W. said...

ps. feel better with the hot face and uti :)

Mags said...

GW: Inspired you to do what? Put a pole in your house??

G.W. said...

Besides the fire have inspired me to write more and love better. (both long(ish) stories)

Mags said...

Aw! It makes me happy when you say that I inspire you anyway-but when it comes to writing and loving better-wow! What a great feeling. I'm glad that I inspired you!

Thomas said...

I also only have so much money to spend on things. I kinda like it in that it prevents me from spending impulsively or on things I don't need. I simply choose the things I need/want the most.

Travis Cody said...

Wait...I always cut my apples into quarters. So I guess I can eat a tomato like an apple.


OK...that really wasn't LOL funny. But I'm feeling a little silly, so there you go.