Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

I woke up this morning sweaty and weak but amazingly enough for the first time since Sunday morning, I do not have a fever. I'm still home today and am hoping that this is the end. Yesterday I had a few "this is it" moments, but this time I REALLY hope it's it! I'm also waiting on test results from the doctor...if there is something wrong, I'm very anxious to get some meds in me to kick this thing! This weeks questions are inspired by the many , many prom pictures I've seen on facebook this week.

1. Was your prom in your high school gym or at a restaurant?

2. Did your prom have a theme or a song? If so, what was it?

3. Did you rent a limo for your prom?

1. Both of my proms were in restaurants. Our principal tried to make us have our junior prom in the gym but we fought back hard and somehow won.

2. I remember that my junior prom was "In Your Eyes" but I can't remember what the senior prom was. Which is bad because I was the chair of the prom committee both years.

3. Nope. There is no way I could afford that and my parents weren't going to spring for that so we drove in our own cars...which was actually OK.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

all girls school -- no prom

Shutterbug8162 said...

1. Was your prom in your high school gym or at a restaurant?

Hotel Conference Center - Genetti's Best Western in Wilkes-Barre, PA

2. Did your prom have a theme or a song? If so, what was it?

Now this is testing the ol memory. I went to both Jr. and Sr. prom. I remember one song/theme was from a movie... but I cannot remember what it was. Sorry.

3. Did you rent a limo for your prom?
NO way! I had all I could do to get dates that could afford to rent tuxes. Haha. Now that's a story worth sharing. When I was a senior I wasn't going to go to the prom because I had done it as a junior and didn't want to waste the money or deal with the drama of getting a date. Well my dad and I ran into a coworker of mine at Sam's Club and my dad asked him to take me, and handed him a blank check to pay for the tux rental. Nice guy that he was, he went with me to be nice. It wasn't until afterwards that I learned he was Gay. Not that it mattered, but I always felt bad, like there was someone else he'd rather have been there with.

My ride for the junior prom was a 1970's El Camino. :P and it was 1995.

Clancypants said...

1- I went to Jr. Prom and it was at a place called Memory Grove in Salt Lake City. It's a reception hall and it's beautiful. I didn't go to Sr. Prom because I moved to Idaho my senior year of High School and I had another event that weekend and didn't care if I missed it anyway since I hardly knew anyone (because I had only recently moved there).

2- I have no idea if there was a theme song.

3- No way. Renting limos was not "cool" in my school. At least not in the crowds I ran with. In fact, we hardly even did tuxedos. My date was just in a suit and tie and that was very normal.

SilverNeurotic said...

1. Was your prom in your high school gym or at a restaurant? I think it was a country club. Can't remember though.

2. Did your prom have a theme or a song? If so, what was it? Sadly, I don't remember either. The song was one I wasn't familiar with to begin with (an R&B song). I had a picture frame and a candle that had the theme printed on it but I haven't looked at either in awhile.

3. Did you rent a limo for your prom? No. I think there was talk of it amongst my friends but it didn't happen. I drove with my boyfriend in his jeep and we got lost driving home.

Marilyn said...

1. It was in a big gym-like community building.

2. I have no idea. I wasn't the kind of kid who got to be on committees...for a lot of reasons.

3. Junior year we had my date's mom drop us off a block away so nobody would see the car and we walked. Senior year was nicer, my date (a different boy I still regret breaking up with) drove us in his mom's car.

Linda said...

Uhm, I didn't go to either of my proms as no one asked me so proms are one of those sort-of sore subjects all these years later!

I do remember that our Senior Prom was at a restaurant in a totally different town from where we went to high school and I'm sure there was a theme but I don't remember what is it was as two of my friends and I spent the evening at a local carnival instead. And we took my Mom's station wagon to that!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

1) At a club

2) Yupper...Colour My World (Chicago song)

3) Nope, we drove into Manhattan and got ripped off at a fancy restaurant


flipper said...

1) banquet halls
2) I wouldnt have known my junior prom one, and senior prom it was something stupid but I dont remember
3) junior i got a ride and senior we had a party bus (which Im sure u remember trying to get around the corner at casey's house lol)