Monday, May 03, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

Happy Toosdae everyone! Not only is the sun shining in my heart, it's also shining in the sky-WOW-what a beautiful morning! It's actually my favorite kind of day...about 70 degrees, a little breezy, bright blue skies and no humidity. I almost wanted to drive right past work so I could sit under a tree and day dream all day...

1. If today was your birthday, what kind of cake would you request?

2. What would you ask for as presents?

3. When you give people gifts, do you generally wrap them or put them in a decorative bag?

1. If today was my birthday I would want a Carvel ice cream cake...chocolate crunchies and blue gel writing somehow just make me smile. Especially from Carvel.

2. Hmmm...I would probably ask for money sadly, because I have one again found myself with not enough. Especially now that I'm not cooking but have been living like I am. I would also ask for clothing.

3. I love wrapping them. I like finding pretty or funky paper and wrapping them with ribbons and gift littlest sister has been known to comment on how pretty my presents always are. :)


Carrie said...

1. A Chantilly torte from Arnie's. White cake with chocolate butter cream and custard filling. Yum!

2. iTunes or a gift card to or a book store. I have so many books it's usually a lot easier for me to go pick out new ones for myself! :D

3. I suck at wrapping, so I will usually go with a bag. But I'm good at tissue paper and ribbons and things there, so it's a good trade-off.

Danielle A. said...

1. Today... hrmmm... I think maybe a chocolate cake with strawberry jam layers and chocolate-coconut frosting. With vanilla bean ice cream. Yes. (I just made that up in my head).

2. Gift certificates to Kohls, Old Navy, and The Walking Company.

3. Depends on my mood. I like co-ordinating bags & tissue paper, but sometimes I like wrapping with bows & ribbons. Also depends on the shape of the gift. :)

Clancy Pants said...

1- Italian Cream Cake that my mother makes... it's THE BEST. YUM.

2- I would ask for a massage, perhaps. Or for free help in painting my duplex or finishing my basement.

3- I like to wrap and make things look pretty but I don't like to spend money on wrapping paper and bows and such, so I don't usually have any of that on hand. That would be why I almost ALWAYS use a bag... a recycled one from some previous gift that was given to me!

Happy sunshiney-heart-and-sky Toosdae!

"Lois Grebowski" said...

1. I adore white cake with white frosting. just plain old store-bought birthday cakes... That's a treat for me.

2. I really don't get birthday presents. Folks know I buy what I need/want. If it had to be a material object, I would say a gift card to my favorite fabric store or to Amazon.

3. It depends on the gift. I play it by ear. Sometimes I wrap, sometimes I bag...

Linda said...

1. Hmm, what was that cake you made me for my 50th birthday? The one with the chocolate and the Kahlua and the YUM factor - that's the one I'd want!

2. I never have any idea what to ask for so I don't ask for anything. Surprises are always nice, though!

3. I prefer to wrap packages if at all possible as I love all of the ribbons and bows and stuff like that. A beautifully wrapped package is a work of art sometimes!

LceeL said...

1. It's a toss up between a Chocolate Cake from Portillo's (they make them with mayonnaise and they are the moistest things EVER) or a Boston Cream Pie - which isn't really a cake, I know, but it's MY imaginary birthday and I can have what I want, right?

2. Toys - no soft goods. I hate getting clothes for my birthday. I want TOYS! (of course, my toys could be anything from paint supplies to cameras and computer stuff.)

3. I really like to wrap. Bagging it is just that - bagging it.

Mags said...

Carrie: The torte sounds delicious!!

D-Money: You had me until the coconut. I love coconut, but not with strawberry for some reason. But...I'd still eat it. (Or better yet, make it for you!)

Clancy: I've had Italian Cream Cake and it IS delicious. I bet your mother's is amazing.

Lois: Have you had the cakes from Costco? Those are yummy.

Linda: It makes me very happy that you remember that cake so well and that you loved it!!

LceeL: I had that cake, remember? I took it home to the hotel with me and had a very satisfying evening. OMG, it was so good.

Marilyn said...

1. My birthday cake is chocolate with peanut butter frosting. I make the frosting by using a regular butter cream recipe and replacing the butter with peanut butter. This has been my birthday cake since high school... my sister tried to make it for me once and didn't know that you use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar. That was the most interesting frosting year.

2. I need money. I would ask for money... and a hat, but Andy's going to find me the perfect hat.

3.It depends on who I'm giving it to and what I have on hand. Being of limited resources, I like to spend money on the gift rather than the packaging. Since I have a big roll of white paper for work, sometimes I paint designs or stripes on it and make my own wrapping paper or gift bag. I have a pattern for making gift bags that's kinda neat.

Carrie said...

Oh it IS! If you ever get out this way I'll take you there and you can have some, ok? :D

Shutterbug8162 said...

1. If today was your birthday, what kind of cake would you request?

Ditto on the Carvel ice cream cake. My favorite one is the Football because its covered with those great chocolate crunchies!!!

2. What would you ask for as presents?

Kindle, Speedlite flash, new lenses, new camera... oh! you mean realistically?! I would ask for a night of uninterupted sleep.

3. When you give people gifts, do you generally wrap them or put them in a decorative bag?

Depends on the size of the gift. I try to wrap as much as possible because I love to use ribbon and make special curly toppers when I can. But I am not adverse to using bags.

SilverNeurotic said...

1. If today was your birthday, what kind of cake would you request? I almost always want chocolate cake.

2. What would you ask for as presents? Gift card to either Borders or B&N

3. When you give people gifts, do you generally wrap them or put them in a decorative bag? Usually a bag because I kind of suck at wrapping.

Travis said...

1. I'm always up for Boston Creme CAKE from my local Safeway bakery.

2. I don't need gifts. I'm ok with a nice dinner and some CAKE!

3. I can do either. I'm not particular.

G.W. said...

I forgot yesterday was Tuesday!!!! Crazy work getting in the way. So...I'm going with the "Waitaminute it's not TOOSDAE questions"

1) ICE CREAM CAKE!!!! Especially from Cold Stone Creamery. I'm not a traditional cake fan (maybe I've just had bad cakes) but I did have a piece of a "Strawberry Grand Marnier - gold cake with white choc Mousse and fresh strawberries" from Konditor Meister in Braintree and it was a small slice of heaven.

2)I never ask for much for my birthday, but I keep a running list of things I would like if I come into money (shoes, camera lense and other accesories, wallet, Nook, clothes). Mostly, I would rather have friends get together with me for a dinner.

3) I like to get the most random/funky wrapping paper I can find and wrap....but usually I (by I mean my wife) will buy a pretty bad and dress it up nice with paper and ribbon.