Monday, May 10, 2010


I need a vacation day today to recover from the long weekend I just had. Thursday night B1 came over for dinner. I made him my Thai Shrimp dish because everyone loves it and it's very easy to make. I was so, SO nervous. More nervous than when we had our first date for some reason. I think it's because cooking is such a big part of me and my soul that sharing it with him was a big deal. And if he didn't like it...well, that would have sucked. That was a late night-which kicked off the tiredness. He is totally worth it. I would miss 1000 sleeps if it meant I could spend time with him. Have I told you lately how amazing he is? Well...he is amazing and I can't wait to see him tonight after work.

Friday I got up early and worked with my Dad on setting up my new flat screen and DVD player. I think I've mentioned before that he designs home theaters and is very into all of that stuff, while I just like regular television. No frills, no fancy remotes...just sit down and relax. This is not that kind of TV. The DVD player alone has all of these special things it can do like hold pictures, play music, link to my's overwhelming. He was fiddling with remotes and inputs and speakers (I am psyched that my cool speakers are set up again so I can listen to music without using my laptop.) and by the end of the 3 hours, I was just so done. I finally asked if we could just stop because we had other plans and it was beautiful outside. We went to lunch and had a lovely meal and then headed over to the Museum of Science. While the meal was delicious and enjoyable, the museum was not. We did not care for it at all. We expected it to be more modern and up to date and less...simple, I guess. It's comprised of a bunch of little kiosks with buttons and it just was not what we were hoping it would be. Even the 3D movies were disappointing. They weren't made well and some parts were even blurry. I won't go back again and am sorry he spent the money to get in.

After the museum we headed over to dinner. We went to restaurant on Newbury Street. It's somewhere I've wanted to go to since moving here as it's quintessentially Boston. We sat outside right near the sidewalk and had a wonderful view of the people walking by. The meal was good, but not great-but the location and company were perfect, so it was enjoyable. After dinner we drove to Fenway where I proceeded to watch our team get slaughtered by the Yankees. Again, this was OK because it was a fun day with my dad and it's something I would never have imagined I would do in my lifetime. Enjoying a full day with my father alone, that is. Funny how life changes, isn't it?

The next day I drove down to CT for Mother's Day weekend. I had to buy 3 gifts so I stopped by the mall before getting to my parents house. Of course the mall traffic was horrible so it took forever. The good news is that I found a simple gray cotton dress to wear to the party that B1 is taking me to on Sunday. (Yikes!) The other good news is that I got it from the "normal" section and not the plus size section. :) I just have to cut it and hem it because it's a long dress and I want it to be knee length. I'll do that Wednesday, I guess.

Saturday night I went out with my youngest sister, her boyfriend and my cousin. We went to a local place in town and had appetizers and drinks and told stories and laughed. I had a fun time. I really love my cousin. I grew up with her and we had such a fun time together. I'm glad we reconnected. Because we were heading out to NY for Mother's Day Sunday I left earlier than I normally would have and went to bed.

Sunday...oh Sunday. (I'm tired just telling you all of this!) We drove in my Mother's car (which is hell b/c she's a crazy driver) to my Nana's house where my cousins and aunts/uncles were. We had a fun time. I got yelled at for being too "lovey dovey" about my boyfriend (they were joking, but still!) and my cousin and my sisters and I went to get the beads for the her veil (I'm making it for her). After a few more laughs, we drove home to CT where I scarfed down pizza for dinner and drove back to Boston. And then I crashed. Hard.

Needless to say, before B1 gets to my place tonight I have to clean up a bit. I feel like lots of things are going to end up in the closet tonight. :)

What did YOU do this weekend?


Shutterbug8162 said...

Saturday was spent cleaning the house and preparing for Sunday - which was our daughter's Baptism!!! I need a weekend from my weekend, too!

SilverNeurotic said...

I'm glad that you had a fun weekend! And you got to spend it with your parents, I barely even saw my mom as we were both working.

LceeL said...

cleaning house, Taking Grannie and Annie to Breakfast, And watching golf with Grannie (she LOVES golf - ever since Tiger) and Victor, Victoria on DVD with Annie and Grannie - because they wanted to.

Marilyn said...

I cleaned house and worked and tried to re-prioritize some stuff. It was a nice weekend, really and looking around the house makes me feel better about myself.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Weekend was less hectic than yours...we went to Beale on Friday to see Delta Highway (Check them out they are great)

Saturday was some cleaning and I had to do some computer things and then a HS baseball game

Glad Dad had an enjoyable outcome at the game =]

Travis Cody said...

Now that's a full weekend. We stayed close to home, and enjoyed our sunshine and blue sky.