Friday, May 28, 2010


It's Christmas morning and I am on the phone with my Aunt Sue while sitting on the steps. I admit that I was afraid of Santa being in my room while I was sleeping, so I slept with the covers over my face...I was in nursery school. She was about 12.

The living room was pitch black and we're in the kitchen. Out of nowhere, my middle sister screeches in holding her neck yelling, "My throat is burning! My throat is burning!" We hop into the yellow work van (with no back seats) and drive to the ER. She ate Play-Doh. She wasn't going to die.

My face is half red and half white and I have on a red wig. She has on a wicker cowboy hat and a plaid shirt. She holds me on her hip. I want to be just like her. I want curly hair.

I'm in chorus and he is leading the class. He tells her that her voice is like a bell. He tells me he likes my earrings. "Every girl should wear earrings." he said.

We're waiting for my mother to pick us up after rehearsal. We sit, talking to the older girl, hoping she'll remember us next year. She has on black flats with a bow on them. She tells us she'll see us next year...and then she remembers.

We're eating ice cream in Copley Square talking about things I already know. I wonder if he's going to come back. He did. And I wish he did not.

He cut himself so he left the kitchen to wash up. When he re-enters, there is blood all over his whites-because we knew he was OK, we laughed-hard-at the fact that he had no idea he was covered in blood.

I'm exhausted but I can't sleep because she insists on sleeping in the same bed as me. It is a twin. I'm visiting from Florida for a special occasion and she missed me. I'm OK with the fact that my shoulder ends up with a wet spot. I missed her too.

It's cold, and I am in heaven. We're standing by the fountain at Epcot. I'm wearing a black satin skirt, Mary Jane's with white socks and a red top. I feel free and alive. We take a picture. I look happy and young.

We're flying to Maryland to visit family. She reads me a Donald Duck book about flying so that I do not get scared. She reaches into her bag for a snack. It's an over ripe pear that's been smooshed by the book. I don't remember if we ate it or not.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

It was a rainy afternoon. I'm looking out the front door, through the wrought iron at the street and my neighbor's house. Mom says, "It's a gully-washer." Dad comes home for work, gets out of his car, walks into the back door with his suit on, a huge umbrella in one hand, his briefcase in the other, bare footed and legged with his pants rolled up. He is smiling as mom takes his picture.

Mags said...

I love that you gave me a snapshot of your own! And I love the image of him walking into the house in a suit with his pants rolled up, sans shoes. :)

flipper said...

I missed you SO much while you were gone! I still can picture the day you left, I was so upset!! Once in a while the suck on shirt thing comes back around LOL love this post, and love you!!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Cool snaps Mags...enjoy your weekend