Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The cutest boy ever asked me this question yesterday: "Is it OK if I use our picture as my profile picture? I wanted to ask 1st." Cutest boy EVER.

B1 thinks HE'S the lucky one. How does him coming over to his sick girlfriends house (who he's only been dating for 2 months) at 6:30pm on a Sunday night to take care of her make him the lucky one? (Incidentally, that was the 2nd time he came over to take care of me.)

He's good at taking care of me too. He made me drink water, checked my temperature every couple of hours (b/c it was up to 103.8 at one point) and made me eat saltines because I didn't have any food in me. Oh, and he stayed in bed by my side but didn't grope me or touch me too much.

Yes, I love him.

Just because you have strep throat doesn't mean your throat will actually hurt. Mine didn't and I had it for almost a week.

Eating a donut on the first day without a fever isn't necessarily a smart idea. But it sure does taste yummy.

Being someones only single friend and then having that taken away really sucks for the other person and I feel bad that I'm so happy around her. Yesterday she told me she was fighting back tears all day because everyone around her is married, engaged or blissfully happy and she's still stuck in the same place she was 10 years ago. No words make that feel better...

Is it wrong that when my dad needed batteries for the remote control for my new TV that the only ones I had were in the top drawer in my bedroom?


"Lois Grebowski" said...

LOL @ batteries... bwahahahahahaha!

Please let your friend know know that she will also have her time and it may come when she least expects it.

Hoping you feel better soon!

My word verification word was scones. are they trying to tell me something?

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Bwahahahahahahahahahaa and I hope you got the batteries and told dad to stay there in the living room

B1 is lucky ... YOU are very lucky...your friend will get lucky soon

Linda said...

It would only be bad if the batteries were only half-charged and you wanted them back when your Dad was through with them!

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better - step throat can be brutal not to mention deadly, my mom's oldest brother died from it when he was a kid in a matter of hours. Oops, probably shouldn't have told you that, huh?

I can sort of sympathize with your friend but it's also my choice to be in the position I'm in. Perhaps someday I'll want to seriously find someone again but until then I can totally be happy for you and your new-found love (though if you could tone it down just a bit the glow from your smile in Massachusetts is making it hard for me to sleep at night!)

Travis Cody said...

Isn't that where everyone keeps batteries?


Seriously though, you should keep a flashlight and batteries in every room of your home. You just never know where you'll be standing when you need a flashlight, and if the batteries are right there with it then you'll always have light!