Wednesday, May 12, 2010


"I used to see a pizza, now I see a pie chart."

Public and Pubic are very different words. And mean very different things when speaking about a relationship!

I'm geeky, but being in a relationship on Facebook is kind of fun...especially when HIS Facebook page clearly states the same thing and links to me! <3

Girl 1: "Has anyone ever gotten waxed?"
Girl 2: "...I'm relaxed!"

"When you're in my arms my heart doesn't beat faster, it just beats stronger."

Sometimes people just don't know how to stay seated.

Size matters.

"What? A girl can't yodel in the car?!"

I want to remember every little thing about this time with B1. I told him this today and said that if we're lucky enough to know each other for a very long time I hoped that we'd remember how in awe we are of each other. He said that he plans on knowing me for a very long time and he hopes that is OK.

Oh my cute's more than OK.

Apparently my new nickname is Ice Cube...because, according to my little sister, they melt too.

It hurts me to hear that a friend is sad. Especially when the reason is the very same reason why I am happy.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

Hugs to your friend... Ice Cube... LOL!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I love "Ice Cube" yup I do!

flipper said...

LOL its a big ht!
=) x a billion

Marilyn said...

It's so cool to see your facebook profile pic now. Makes me smile.

Linda said...

Agreed on the Public and Pubic but I must say, it's definitely worth a good laugh!

Hope you're feeling better now and that you were able to get some rest. Being sick is no fun but isn't it nice that there's someone special who cares how you're feeling now? And hugs are wonderful medicine!