Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2 Months Since I First Saw Your Face

Quiet anticipation,
the fear of being denied
a gradual journey to the place
hope and faith collide.

Dreams remember how to live.
Trust is born again.
Letting go and moving on.
Forgive. Return to zen.

Life, unscripted,
limits unknown.
Feelings of euphoria-
a love, slowly grown.

In dreams, you often came to me-
before I knew your face.
Your spirit kept me yearning;
made me hold your place.

Jumping in, not looking back
no fear of what comes next.
What matters now is in my heart,
I already love you best.


B1 said...


LceeL said...

I am SO glad I'm not a girl - because if i was, I'd have to cry right now.

Clancypants said...

Beautiful, Mags. Beautiful.

Mags said...

B1: I.LOVE.U.2

Lou:'s good you're not a girl indeed!! But men who cry are actually pretty cool. Unless you cry all of the time over everything. Then you're just a sissy. :)

Clancy: Thank you!!!

Melisa with one S said...


Travis Cody said...

Yup...just as I suspected.