Thursday, April 29, 2010

Triple :(

My cute boy is sick. :( He went home from work early yesterday with a sore throat and he text messaged me at midnight to say goodnight (he's so sweet) and to say he had a fever. Double :( I don't like it when people I care about are sick. Especially when we're still so new that I can't really do anything for him...and I like taking care of people. In any case, he's home sick from work today and this means that he most likely will not be coming out with us tonight. Which is OK, obviously, but I was looking forward to it. As long as he's better by Saturday...

Did I tell you about Saturday? We're going on a road trip. I'm making a picnic lunch and we're driving to an area of the state he really likes. I think it's near the water. I know there is a French pastry shop there too-we talked about it the night we met and I mentioned that I'd have to take a drive out on a nice day. In my heart I was hoping he'd say that we should go sometime, but he didn't...he just saved the idea for later. :) And so, I hope that he is better by Saturday. Because I won't see him next week at all. :( :( :( That's a triple :( btw.

Last night I had a very weird dream. B1's text saved me from finding out what would happen, but it went like this:

I was on campus in the building where I work. However, it wasn't work-instead, it was a time share or some type of vacation home. The foyer was open to the bottom level and I was standing on the overhang cleaning up. That is when Big Papi (David Ortiz) from the Sox came in. He was talking to me about contracts and being screwed over and how he just wasn't happy about things. I don't know what I fed him, but I gave him something to eat and told him to go downstairs while he waited. Waited for what...I don't know...but I told him to do that and he did. I turned by back to the foyer below and continued what I was doing.

A little while later I was going to leave the building. I turned to go down the stairs to the foyer but I saw David sprawled on the floor with his eyes closed. It looked like he was dead. Thinking that I somehow poisoned him, I freaked out and went out the back way so I could pretend that I did not see him if he was, in fact, dead. When outside, I walked across the quad to the admissions building and began making omelets to order like I did when I worked at the country club. Only I used a lot more butter and instead of a rubber spatula, I was using a ladle. Which is weird. After making a few omelets, I looked over to the building where I work and noticed that people were walking in and out-and each time they tried to open the door, they'd knock David off of the stool he was sitting on and he'd fall onto the ground. Apparently, he was trying to sleep (with a huge pile of pillows now) on a stool right up against the door and when I saw him sprawled out on the floor, he had just been pushed down.

The only other thing I remember about this dream is that once the omelets were ready, I sprinkled them with fresh dill and put them into melted butter for holding. Oh-and that David grew a beard because he waited so long for whoever he was waiting for.

I really wonder what would have happened if B1 didn't wake me up...maybe I would have been given a clue about how to fix Papi. *shrug*


SilverNeurotic said...

I hope your boy gets better fast!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

umm what did you have for dinner before THAT dream????

Hope B1 gets well enough for your Saturday sojourn