Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rye Bread's 8th Birthday

As you know, every year I make a special birthday cake for my niece Rye Bread. Though she doesn't quite understand just how much work goes into these special cakes now, I have no doubt that when I'm gone one day, she'll look at the pictures and know just how much love I put into them. She is proud of them, I know that. She paraded her friends into the house today and bragged that her Aunt made this and that the bird was cake too!

Over all, the cakes took about 24 hours and lots of money. At 11pm Saturday night I had to give up and put the bird back in the freezer to set because the head and beak were falling apart. I worried that when I opened the freezer in the morning all I would have left would be a body-but luckily it was fine and it stayed put all throughout the party.

Until one little girl knocked into the table and make it tumble to the ground, smashing all over the place. But, don't worry-it was AFTER we had it was OK. Here is the picture trail. Not as many "during" photos this year as I was running out of time...

The Cake Stand

Frozen stacked cakes, ready for carving.

Beach Cake-unfortunately my dad knocked into it prior to me frosting it and he broke the bottom layer-which is why it's very crooked and mangled.

Beach Cake Finished: The birthday candles are the fire pit and the 2 "tiki" torches

Tiny fondant flip flops and beach blanket

The Parrot Cake

I made her take at least a bite of the parrot. (I made cupcakes too, so there was no need to cut the parrot.

Us. After 24 hours of cake making and decorating. Before my shower.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

speechless..., and then some!

Daily Panic said...

That was a super cool cake! Rye Bread is one lucky girl!

SilverNeurotic said...

The parrot cake looks almost impossible to make.

Marilyn said...

Everybody needs an aunt like you.

(my word verification word is 'cookas')

Linda said...

Can you be my aunt, too? Better yet - can you be Amanda's aunt and make her a Dalek cake for her combination 18th birthday/high school graduation?? I'm afraid to even try after last year's attempt at the Tardis!

Seriously, though, Rye Bread is one very lucky little girl and I bet she knows it, too! These cakes are just gorgeous! You are an artist!

Desert Songbird said...

I think if I were your niece, I'd be very proud and very humble by what you'd done for me. :)