Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I hope that the next time you drive by the intersection where you honked at me for 30 seconds straight you realize how stupid you are because it was your error. And it's clearly marked.

Chicken prosciutto tastes more better when you make it with a friend.

Having a cute boy tell you that he is "apologetically and publicly crazy about you" is such a good feeling.

Also a good feeling: Being told I am lovable. By said cute boy.

He is meeting more friends tomorrow...

Saturday we're taking a day trip and having a picnic. I am making the food and am a little nervous about it. There's a lot of pressure...

I started going tanning again. These beds are much stronger and after 2 sessions I am red all over my body. (Not burnt, just's the way my skin works.) Hopefully by next week people will notice and I can wear shorts and skirts without blinding people.

I started this week in hopes that my legs will have color on Saturday...I'm wearing a dress. (Yikes!)

I like biting babies. This concerns him but I explained it's not as bad as it sounds.

It's funny when ratios change from 50%/50% to 25%/75%.

I have to stop spending money. I'm not rich but I keep living like I am. And also, I need new clothes.

I printed the picture.

I need to move back into the city. I crave it, I love it and it's too far away from me. (Only 5 minute drive in...but I miss it!)


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

You nervous about making the food? Why because he will then be totally under your power?

Girl you will rock his world with your food

Marilyn said...

I'm with Bond on this one... if it were all about food, I'd be married to you by now.

SilverNeurotic said...

So what about the first one? Why was the person honking at you?

flipper said...

lol to to bonds comment. so true. =)

Linda said...

You've got absolutely nothing to worry about!

I woke up thinking about you this morning and how it was so nice to see that someone who deserves you has finally found you. I am so very happy for you - it's about time!

Travis said...

I find that it's OK to bite babies as long as you don't chew.