Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I was given the responsibility of choosing the location of the date. I hate this. Boys-if you're listening, don't do this. At least not on a first date. I've had several people make me do this and it sucks.

Tonight is laundry night. This is exciting to me because I can do this mid-week now that I am not cooking. That means that the laundry mat will not be crowded.

I wonder if B1 remembers what I look like. Or if he realizes he can see my profile from the group event site. I don't think he is that interested. We'll see.

People are yelling at me to stop 2nd guessing things. But if you stop to think about it, I have many, many reasons to feel this way.

I second guess everything now. Thanks to him.

I still love baseball, but so far it's been weird to watch it. I can't explain that any further, but I have to take it back.

I worry about bumping into him at games. I shouldn't have to feel that way.

Not being able to exercise is driving me batty. I step on the scale and see no changes-it's disturbing.

I love it when meetings somehow acquire more people than they originally had and no one tells me-and therefore they all have to cram into the space I set up.

It's fun to drink wine at work.

I anticipate my left butt cheek being very strong by the time my leg is healed.


Linda said...

You, my dear, need a good jolt of self-confidence! Pick some place that you like for your first date so that you'll be comfortable and then see how it goes from there. And if he wasn't interested, there wouldn't be a first date!

Bond said...

May I explain that first date thing to you Mags...

They do not want to burn one of their favorite places if the date/relationship does not work out.

By having you pick, then it is most likely a place they do not go to often (or at all).

I know these things because I did them too....

SilverNeurotic said...

I think men like to give the girl the option of choosing because they think it'll make the date less intimidating to us women. In a way it's nice, especially if you don't know the guy, but unless you know them really well it's hard to pick a place that he'll also like.

Desert Songbird said...

See, now Bond gives a pretty plausible explanation for the "choose the place" thing. It could also be that he wants to see what kind of places you like. Don't get ticked off by it; just go with the flow. Be natural, be yourself, and if he doesn't like you THAT way, then it's his loss, and you move on. You are too good a person to waste time on people who will play games.

Travis said...

When I asked the woman to choose the place for a first date, it was because I was really attracted and liked her, and wanted her to feel comfortable in the place so she could relax and tell me more about herself.