Wednesday, April 21, 2010

(OK..not so)Randomivity

*sigh* :)

"So...Not a fan of Pink?"..."No. I'm not a fan of glitter!"

Hearing that any night he gets to sit close to me is a good night just makes me feel special.

Sometimes you just can't get out of a parking lot because you're blushing too much.

Having a friend ask what's up because you look happy is an amazing feeling.

I have amazing friends. Yes, you are included in that statement.

My chiropractor is quirky but lovely. I didn't like him at first, but he's a really funny, nice man. He's happy with my progress and I'm happy with that diagnosis.

It's wonderful to hear about how a cute boy went from thinking you were just going to be friends to "Yeah...who was I kidding? I saw you and that was it." is just awesome.

Being told that you're a really good painter is nice...unless it's from a 7 year old boy who continues to stare at you all day. Little creeper!

I'm really grasping here to find something else to include in this randomivity post beside B1. But...well...he is kind of consuming my thoughts these days. :)

*sigh* :)


Danielle A. said...

The image of a 7 year-old creeper is amusing.

YAY!!! Side note - hopefully he doesn't find your blog. Then he'll find out that you're secretly a middle school girl whose had a ginormous crush since day 1. ;)

Mags said...

Oh...he knows! LOL!!! I told him. :)

"Lois Grebowski" said...

*sigh* :)

LceeL said...

This? This makes me happy. :)

Shutterbug8162 said...

nope, nothing wrong at all with completely blogging about B1 constantly, especially since he knows your a blogger! lol.

My ex hated that I did it. My Husband tolerates it but worries about having too much out there and us not being safe. He likes the friends I've made and the "journaling" therapy it offers.

I can't wait to someday read a post about your story, start to finish about B1. :) We both know stories are constantly being written and endings change, but I have a feeling this one might be your legacy story, does that make sense?

Mags said...

For the record-he knows I blog but he does not KNOW this blog. And won't for a while...well, at least a month, I'd say.

Lisa: Yes, it makes sense and I hope you are right.

Marilyn said...

I knew a 7 year old creeper once... grew up to be about like you'd expect. Always wondered if I could have helped in some way... probably not.

I'm living vicariously through you... just so you know.

Bond said...

LOL...funny how people say do not tell him..when I was doing my dating thing, I made sure they all knew...heck-a-doodle..the blog is me, don't like the blog, you will not like me...Nancy LOVED the blog...'nuff said!

Hamel said...

Congratulations on a life going well. I'm happy for you.

Mags said...

Bond: He'll know about it eventually. Right now though I want him to get to know the current me-there is a lot of heavy stuff on here...all of my stories, actually. It's a lot to take and I think they are better told in person. But he'll eventually know where this is if we stick.

Hamel: It's good to see you-I hope you are well!

Travis said...

Be consumed I say!

Mags said...

Trav, you know what's nice? We BOTH are consumed. It's nice. Really, really nice.

Dayngr | Dayngrous Discourse said...

Hi! Just surfed in. Already love the random post. It's good to just blog what you're thinking and get it out. Blog on!