Thursday, April 08, 2010

He Is Who He Says He Is

Well...I now know B1's last name. It ends in a vowel...

When I was in college my good friend took me home for the weekend. While talking about boys with her mother, she told us to never marry a man who's name ends in a vowel. It's kind of always in the back of my head (as a joke) whenever I find out someone's name. His name, in fact, is mostly vowels!

And let's not forget that I did marry a man who's name ended in a vowel-and you all know how that ended!! LOL...

We chatting this afternoon for a bit about where we'd like to go. I told him that he gave me a hard job because that area he picked was a very large area. He said that he thought there would be places I'd like to try and that's why he left it up to me. I'm skeptical-but if it's true, OK. He provided me with his email address and asked that I send him a few of my top picks and then he'd email me back with his choices. I did, and he did, and we've narrowed it down to two.

I'm supposed to pick which one, which I'm OK with.

One (the one he chose first) is very nice looking. The food is fancier, it's more expensive and it's probably more romantic. It seems like a natural choice only it's far away from mostly everything. If we choose to extend our time together, we'd have to drive. Which is OK, but could also be weird.

The next one is a Mexican place (both of us love Mexican food). It's small and cute but not very date-like. The plus side is that it's within walking distance to a major square in that town where I often go out with friends. It's a bustling area and we'd have lots of choices if we wanted to be together longer. He also noted that there is a lot of tequila there. I'm not sure what that means! LOL!

Which one would you choose?

I go back and forth-when we talk, I feel like it'll be a date. When we email or text I sometimes feel like it won't be. I'm trying to be confident and to say that yes, it is a date but it's hard for me. Though I've had a few dates since September, this is the first guy I've actually liked. So it's a little riskier. I'm trying my best-and praying that he really likes me as much as I like him. It'd be really nice if he ended up being my for real, out in the open, doesn't care if people know we know each other boyfriend.


Linda said...

You can't go wrong with Mexican in my book plus the location does give you more options. Perhaps the other place could be saved for a second date as that might be the best time for a more "romantic" location once you've got that first date hurdle behind you and you want to spend some alone time in the car!

Mags said...

Oh my! LOL...I guess I didn't think about that part.

Though-I did have a dream last night that he invited lots of people to come along but when they got up to go to the bathroom he kept trying to kiss me. And in my dream he was kind of a weirdo and not cool at all.

At least I know that part isn't really true!

Melisa with one S said...

The Mexican place, for sure. Create your own romance: don't "rely" on a romantic venue because it seems more romantic. Besides, your main goal should be to just have fun together; romance will follow that if it's meant to. And Mexican eateries are FUN.

LceeL said...

Mags!! Relax!! There's a level at which whatever is going to happen is going to happen - just go with the flow.

Just take a deep breath and know that you are an imminently likable person and anybody who doesn't like you is probably crazy anyway and doesn't deserve you.

Just relax.

flipper said...

mexican place! Then you can walk around and decide what to do after, plus it seems like more fun/relaxed and it is nice because you talked about how you both love mexican. If I was you Id def choose the mexican place! Let me know!!

Mags said...

We've actually settled on a different place altogether. It's a place I went to last week with friends. It's very cute and trendy in the middle of a very busy square so we have lots of choices after dinner if we choose. He liked that idea, which is a good sign!!

Ivanhoe said...

Well, I'm glad that you sttled on something different. I thought that romantic secluded place was little too much and Mexican too little for a first date.
Just have fun and try not to stress about it :o)

SilverNeurotic said...

Well good luck on the date, or the non date...whatever it turns out to be.

So, what's wrong with vowels?

Mrs. OrioleGal9 said...

I have to say my husband's last name ends with a vowel, they're not all bad :-)

So in my book, there's nothing wrong with it!

Can't wait to hear how the big date goes!

Travis said...

Honey...just relax and let it be whatever it's going to be. The more pressure you put on the circumstances and on yourself, the more pressure falls on him.

Just go and enjoy, and let it become whatever it is.