Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun Times w/ Kurt & B1

So far, my weekend has been so wonderful. Friday night I had the best date ever with the cutest, sweetest boy ever. He made me cupcakes. Why? Because I mentioned that no one ever bakes for me and it'd be nice if someone actually put a little effort into my birthday the way I do for them. It's not my birthday but he used my recipe and surprised me! He even put them in cute little cupcake boxes and a pretty green bag because he knows it's my favorite color. This boy is sweet. AND he's a good sport...this weekend my good friend Kurt came to visit me, and B1 happily came along last night. That's a very good sign-I like a boy who's up for hanging out with my friends. We have a very fun date planned on weeks are dragging now that I found him. :)

Here are some pictures from last night-there are 2 not posted, but if you are friends with me on Facebook, go on can see B1's face if you have access. :)

Kurt had a way with Bella. He took several great pictures of her.

This might be one of my favorite pictures of me and a friend ever. So fun!

Kurt drinking beer at the Beer Garden. Also yelling at people for being ugly.

Us. Walking.

And now I am going to take a nap, and then going to the gym to work off all of the food I ate this morning at a very yummy Jewish delicatessen.


kat said...

So great to see you happy and glad you had such a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Hugs.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

So.... I wanna know. Did you have Latkes?

Mags said...

No Latkes...I had Pastrami and Eggs with Rye toast and we shared a side of grilled banana bread with date butter-but he didn't like it. It was a good breakfast-one that I've not had in a loooooong time. The toast was amazing! LOL