Friday, April 09, 2010

Five on Friday

Yesterday I was pouring myself coffee at work and for some reason, out of the blue, I started singing "I'm a little teapot". In my head, so it's OK. (Right?) I chuckled to myself and remembered the time I was singing it on the front porch in our house in NY and my Aunt Sue came by with a baton. She wouldn't let me use it and so I hit her with it...and bent it! (I think she made fun of me for acting out the song. Which totally means it wasn't my fault. :)

Yeah-the only thing this little story has in common with this post is that it reminds me of stories of when I was little (or at least younger)...enjoy! (And go see Trav, and play! Go on, there are no real rules, just guidelines.)

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Travis said...

I've seen two great Sets already this morning, and yours makes the third! Looking forward to playing this while we're reorganizing this weekend.

Have a good one Mags!

Linda said...

What a great set even though it doesn't remind me of when I was little per say - just a lot younger! I remember being so proud of myself when I knew all the words to "American Pie"!

I went with some probably rather obscure Elton John this week from when I was a teenager but his more obscure stuff has always been some of my favorite!

Jamie said...

Great choices. Eric Clapton's is one I discovered only recently. We all seem to be in a bit of a romantic mood this week.

Bond said...

See now this is a great setlist...nicely done mention of that ballpark or anything !


Love the teasing!

Marilyn said...

Every one except American Pie has lots of sad memories for me... which is strange really when you consider the background for American Pie. Great list.

Julia Smith said...

There's certainly a theme of memories infusing this weekend's playlists. My husband sang along to American Pie, as it's one of his favorite songs. I also love You're The Inspiration and Wonderful Tonight.