Thursday, March 25, 2010


Remember my new shiny cute car? It's in the shop. Why? Because I took it to the dealership for an oil change. This is how it went:

Monday, my lunch break. I drive to the dealership and get an oil change. It's the first oil change this car has ever had. I brought it to the dealership instead of my regular guy because they detail the car and it's closer to work. I wait outside on the bench reading in the sun. Oh happy day-I'm so super smart for doing it this way.

Monday, after the oil change. I get into my car and notice it is not vacuumed and has not been washed. I contemplate going back in but realize I'll be late so I opt to call instead. I say, "When I bought the car Mike told me that you detail the cars when you do an oil change." He says, "Yeah, that's right." I say, "Well, I just got one and it's not vacuumed or washed." He says, "Oh, the guy was probably at lunch." I pause and then say, "Someone could have told me that-that's the only reason I took the car to you for the oil change!" He says, "Come back tomorrow and we'll get you back in." I reluctantly agree and go back to work.

Tuesday, my lunch break. I drive to the dealership and have my car washed and vacuumed. I drive away and notice a weird noise. I drive back to work where I have a message from the dealership asking if the mechanic left his cell phone in my car. I explain that I didn't see one but I'd look after work. I am so flustered I forget to mention the noise. An hour later, I get another call, asking when I get out of work. At this point, I get a little bitchy. I tell him I get out at 5pm and that I will drop the phone off if it's there. In other words: Stop calling me at work.

Tuesday, after work. I look in the car and the phone is, indeed there. I drive BACK to the dealership where I finally tell them about the noise. They say come back tomorrow morning.

Wednesday morning, I drop off the car. 8:45am I walk to work because they have no one to drive me there. Even though they told me when I bought the car that they DID have someone who did this. Did I mention I was wearing dress boots and a skirt and that I forgot my gloves?

Wednesday afternoon. I call to find out what's up and they tell me they haven't even looked yet. Did I mention it was 2pm and I told them I would pick up the car at 4:30pm? They tell me they'll call me. When they finally do, they say they'll keep the car overnight and they'll pay for a rental. I scoff and tell them how disappointed I am because I brought my car in early so this wouldn't happen. He says he'll get me in and out before 5pm so I'm not late for cooking. I mention that for someone who just bought a car, I'm at the dealership with a lot of hassles. He agrees.

Beside the fact that the rental place did a credit check and put a hold on my card for $200, I was out in time for work. But it doesn't make me happy because I have to miss more work tomorrow to go drop the rental off and then pick up the car. I'm pretty sure I never had to do this with the old car. And while I still love my cute little new car, I'm a little upset that I went through this the entire week.

The only saving grace was when I walked into The Families house, The Mom said, " don't know how much we appreciate you-especially after all of the people we've been meeting. It's more than the cooking,'re just so great."

So, I'm sorry this was a bitch fest and a ramble about my car. But it's just really, really annoying.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

Hey, you have the right to vent...Vent on... I hate car dealers who give you the run-around.

LceeL said...

You didn't mention the make of car - and I don't remember if you've told us before - but I'm sure that somewhere, that car company has a regional sales manager who sits in his ivory tower contemplating his navel and if you were to tell him all about this incident HE would come down on that shoddy dealership like a lightning bolt from Zeus.

Shutterbug8162 said...

That stinks about the car, but I bet it stinks even more that the Family is FINALLY starting to really appreciate you and all you have to offer, just in time for you to move on. Figures, right?!

Rocketstar said...

That sucks, car problems are such a pain in the ass.

Marilyn said...

LceeL's idea is a really nice one... you could even mention how you blog and your readership values your opinion. Because we do.

Bond said...

Oil change should have been for free after all that

SilverNeurotic said...

That is uncalled for. I would complain as much as you possibly can-I guarantee you'll get some results.