Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

Good Toosdae morning! Remember that at the end of the day today, I will have a winner, based on who answers these questions...take a few minutes to read the post below to find out how you can qualify for more than one entry...if you'd like to play along but you are not interested in baked goods please feel free-just please tell me not to enter you. Have fun, and thanks again for being such great readers and friends...

1. Name 3 things you are happy about today.

2. What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

3. When you are at home, do you walk around barefoot, with socks, with slippers or with shoes on? Is this the same if you have company?

My answers...

1. The sun is shining and I can read on the quad during lunch. (2) A very large debt that was sprung on me recently just disappeared (3) My kitty loves me.

2. Clothes! That is why I am SO excited to lose this weight...I will finally be able to buy pretty clothes in normal stores again! (Eventually)

3. I usually walk around with socks on but in the summer I sometimes go barefoot. I always take my shoes off at the door though, even with company over.


Carrie said...

1a. Finally getting some money back from hubby's dad that he's owed us for almost a year.

1b. That I got to see Martina McBride last Thursday night, and it was so AWESOME I'm still giddy.

1c. We should be getting our tax refund soon which is hopefully going to get us a new car!

2. Books. One of my dreams is to someday have a room in the house that's my personal library.

3. We keep our shoes off at home too. During the week I usually keep my socks on, but on weekends I go barefoot unless it's really cold, and even then I'll wrap a blanket around my legs before I'll go hunt down my slippers. :)

G.W. said...

Happy Tuesday....I used to think Tuesdays were the most useless part of the week, but with Toosdae questions, I have something to look forward to. (did you mention kissing up would gain another entry. hahaha)

ANYWAY, on to the answers:

1. 3 things I'm happy about today (1) The sun is shining and it's "warm". (2) The monthly meeting that I dread that I thought I had today is actually next week. (3) My pants were a little loose around my waist this morning.

2. Favorite thing to spend money on, is anything for my 2 yr old son. I actually HATE buying things for myself and feel guilty, so anything he or my wife wants/needs I love to buy just to see the smiles.

3. I walk around with all the above, depending on the season. Winter is slippers, summer is barefoot, and if I don't think about it, I keep whatever shoes/sneakers I have on. I would like to implement the no shoes in the house rule, but then you just end up with a pile of shoes at the door, and that wouldn't work.

Have a great day and it's a great idea you have going on with the contest.

Danielle A. said...

1: Three things I'm happy about today... 1) I know that God loves me more than I can fathom even though I'm about as imperfect as they come. 2) My husband loves me a whole lot, and I get to spend the rest of my life with him. AND 3) Spring is right around the corner, which means I can have my annual "Spring has Sprung" iced coffee soon (I have it as soon as I KNOW that snow is "done" for a while).

2. My favorite thing to spend money on are things that I can do with or for people. Whether it's mailing packages to friends or swap partners or going out to lunch or coffee with a loved one... that's my favorite thing to spend money on.

3. Depends on the season. In the summer I'm a barefoot girl (company too - I keep my toes painted in the summer). The rest of the year it's either slipper socks or just regular socks. We are a no-shoe house as well, always take them off when we get in the door.

Nina said...

Hey hey! Danielle A. sent me. ;) I love this idea, and it will have to become part of my Tuesdays from now on. ;)

My answers:
1) I'm happy about the sunshine - glorious, fabulous sunshine! I'm happy about seeing the Lion King this evening - woot! And I'm happy about all of the yummy food I made last night for a week of eating: chicken soup, vegetarian bean breakfast burrito filling, fruit sauce for graham crackers to name a few!

2) Food. Always food. But specifically fresh produce at farmer's markets and conscientiously grown meat from my favorite farmer (Stillman's Turkey Farm).

3) When at home, I never wear shoes (in fact, I don't wear them at the office either). I'm not a shoe fan at all. Depending on the temp in my house, I either go barefoot, wear slippers/socks, or slippers AND socks. Doesn't matter if someone else is there. My feet demand comfort no matter who comes over!

Clancy Pants said...

1- Three things, huh? hmmmm...

A. My very good friend gave me a giant bag of all her maternity clothes about two weeks ago. When it's a) your last baby and b) the last few weeks of your pregnancy the LAST thing you're going to do is go buy new clothes, but you hate all your clothes so much because you've been wearing the [limited] selection for the last 5 months and you just want to burn them. Now I get to play "dress up" every day even though I'm in the final stretch and can't wait to be done! (that was long, sorry)

B. The snow is almost melted off of my front lawn! So early for that in Idaho and I am so happy about it!

C. I get to meet my fourth child soon... (at max, two and a half weeks from now!)

2. I like to spend money on things that improve my house... whether that be remodeling or just a new picture for the wall. I don't do it very often, but I'm always so thrilled with the result that I should do it more!

3. Home is all three, depending on what's happening. And company or not doesn't change it. I wear shoes if I feel like I need to get things done... for some reason it helps me. If it's night I usually wear socks in the winter, barefoot in the summer. But if I'm hot, off come the socks. (I think my feet are my thermostat...)

Happy Toosdae!

Kristin said...

Clancy Pants sent me...

1a. My neighbor is watching my kids allowing me to serve my other neighbor much more comfortably.

1b. It looks like it's going to be a beautifully sunny day instead of snowy like we've been told is coming.

1c. I've found peace in my situation as a stay-at-home mom.

2. I was going to say clothes, but let's face it, it's probably food... good food with a good friend! Mmmm!

3. I either walk around barefoot or with socks. Barefoot would be most common, however, I have two young boys who get crumbs all over my kitchen floor and since I'm not willing to sweep CONSTANTLY I'll put socks on and sometimes slippers so that I don't have to feel the crumbs I'm stepping on. It's pathetic! :)

Nathalie said...

Love your blog idea for Tuesdays/Toosdae! Thanks Danielle A. for sharing and linking to it!
1.3 things to be happy about today are:
- The wonderful weather here
- Having just moved to a very exciting place and where so far the whole family is very happy
- The whole family including remote family is healthy

2. Favorite thing to spend money on is Starbucks! Since we are frugal, it does not happen a lot, so it's usual a planned pleasure.

3. In our new apt. I walk mostly in my socks only but sometimes use my shoes in the kitchen area, which is colder. I would normally wear my slippers especially if we have company, but they were ruined and I have not bought new ones yet.

SilverNeurotic said...

1. Name 3 things you are happy about today. It's a beautiful day outside, I had some time to myself this morning where I could just drive and listen to pop music on the radio (guilty pleasure) and I'm going for a walk soon.

2. What is your favorite thing to spend money on? Books

3. When you are at home, do you walk around barefoot, with socks, with slippers or with shoes on? Is this the same if you have company? I usually wear shoes all the time, I have high arches so walking barefoot tends to give me backaches after awhile.

Thomas said...

1. Name 3 things you are happy about today.

I don't need a reason to be happy. I just am happy.

2. What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

Things that make me happy.

3. When you are at home, do you walk around barefoot, with socks, with slippers or with shoes on?

Socks or slippers.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Just me...LOL

1.a - today is a new day
1.b. - my stepdaughter's youngest dog was chasing her tail today and it was so stinkin' cute
1.c. - our bills for this month have been paid.

2. hobbies and gifts

3. all of the above and with company...

flipper said...

Thats awesome about 100000 visitors and a good idea to send someone a gift! Im answerin jus for fun
1) I applied for jobs, It was exciting to look at apartment with Jeremy and, I am looking forward to the St Pattys day parade this weekend.
3) Im barefoot 90% of my life no matter who is or isnt around! Hate socks and would rather not wear shoes but once in a while i like comfy slippers!

Travis said...

1. The construction crews are nearly finished with the rebuilding of our front stairs; I love my new Blackberry; I have next Thursday and Friday off from work.

2. Books.

3. I always wear my mocs when I'm at home, company or not. I have a fear of stepping on bugs, so the only time I'm barefoot is in the shower and when I'm sleeping.