Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Toosdae ?'s

Good morning everyone! I would just like to say that of all the places one could live, New England is truly tops. I know that there are some people out there who hate the snow (to which I say, MOVE!) and the back and forth weather...but the changing of seasons is just a marvelous thing to experience. Every year when spring starts to creep into the air I feel so alive. The earth is thawing, birds are chirping..it's muddy and chilly and oh so wonderful! Today, if you couldn't tell, is a good day.

Yesterday was my first weigh in with Jenny. I lost 3.2 pounds! I suspect that it's a little more because I literally just ate lunch right before I left for the appointment. I feel really good about this right now. Though I have not been able to get out of the house to go to the gym before work, I'm committing to getting there after I cook tonight and Thursday night and then Saturday I have an appointment with the trainer. I'm also opting to eat the food I cook with The Family instead of eating Jenny's food those 3 nights. I think this is more realistic than eating all of their food anyway, and closer to what my life will be like after the program. I cook them good, healthy food for the most part and I always have correct portions with them. So I don't think that this will hinder my results, but we'll see.

To anyone who has thought about going on Jenny Craig, I'd like to warn that it is not inexpensive. I've found ways to get around paying for some of their products and therefore reducing the cost. First, I buy my own salad dressing. They will try to sell you individual little packets of their dressing and honestly, it is really convenient and not as messy to use theirs. But they charge over a dollar for each one, and you eat salad EVERYDAY. That's $7 for about 1/2 C. of dressing which is ridiculous. They also have these things called "Everyday Bars". They are high protein snack bars that you eat as a snack with fruit between breakfast and lunch. They are $10! The only upside to their version is that they come in a box of 7 while most snack bars in stores come in 4-6. I went to the store and compared calories, carbs and fat and found a good substitute in a South Beach brand...they were on sale for less than $2 for 6 bars and regularly sell for just over $2.50. If you want to cut out even more, shop for your own cereal, too. Especially these days, there are tons of low fat, low carb, high fiber...anything, really, cereals and you can easily save money by buying and portioning out your own stuff. The only thing with that is you don't eat cereal everyday for breakfast. In fact, I've only had cereal twice so far. But I've kept cereal in the freezer to extend the life of it (just like I do with chips of any sort) and that is what I would do if I chose to buy my own cereal. While it's not a huge savings, you'll appreciate even the few bucks you save considering you also have to buy milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, veggies, salad, and fruit. Yes, it's an expensive endeavor. But I suspect having a heart attack would also be expensive and emotional and possibly even deadly, so it's a price I'm willing to pay right now. (And yes, the food is really good-the commercials don't lie. Unlike NutraSystem, which my sister has done in the past and has had to choke down the food because it's so disgusting.)

And now that I've exhausted you all with information you probably don't care about-here are this week's questions!

1. Did you dream last night? If so, can you share it with us-at least a little bit?

2. How do you get your news?

3. Do you know how to play chess? If so, do you like it? If not, do you want to learn?

My answers...

1. Yes, I had dreams last night and none of them were haunting! The part I remember is that my friend Danny was driving (which I've never seen him do in real life) us somewhere and while at the wheel, he took out a can of beer, shook it-looked at me and said, "You're gonna love this!" and opened it all over me and the car. He then took out a lime and squeezed it into the remaining beer in the can and started drinking it. I've never seen Danny drink beer, either, come to think of it...though drinking IS something we've done together.

2. I get most of my news online but I also listen to NPR on the way to work and on weekends when I'm driving. I hardly ever watch news on TV. It's too depressing and well, boring.

3. I used to know how to play chess because my 3rd grade teacher taught us. I hated it which is why I haven't really played it since. I find it to be boring, even though there is strategy involved. It's just not my thing.


Carrie said...

Good for you! :D Good luck with the gym and the trainer too, you can do it!

1. I think I had dreams last night because when I woke up I was huddled down in the corner of the bed instead of laying out properly. I remember this because I woke up to the cat meowing in my ear, and I had to scootch up to the head of the bed to see what time it was. This was followed by "Oliver, I don't have to get up for another hour yet, you a-hole." And I promptly went back to sleep.

2. I hear stuff on the radio sometimes, but that's about it. The news has yet to bring me any constructive information, so for the most part I ignore it.

3. Yes I do. I can't even remember how long ago I learned, I think my dad taught me. We have a chess set, but we never play, even though I know hubby likes to. Perhaps we should do that more.

Clancy Pants said...

1- Yes, I dreamed the weirdest dream. (my dreams are weird normally, but triple-weird when I'm pregnant) In my dream the husband of my really good friend was commanded "by God" to take a different woman than his wife and, ahem, make a baby with her which she would give up to the Lord to prevent a famine. (we just studied Abraham and Issac at Church, so I'm guessing that was the influence for this dream!) There were two "possibles" for the "job"... one was me and the other was a woman in my church who is a single school teacher in her 50s. There was a big production for the "choosing" of the woman and it ended up not being me, which I could tell my friend's husband was bummed about (because I'm 5 years younger than him rather than 25 years older and I know him already). I was fairly relieved though because I knew my husband would be upset about the whole thing. Anyway, long story short, he pulled me aside just before he had to go do the "deed" and asked me to tell him if there was water in this cistern thing and I told him there was and he went out and told the awaiting crowd that "God had spoken" and there would not be a famine because I had found water in this cistern thing... everyone cheered and my friend and her husband were the embodiment of gratitude because I saved him from having to have sex with this older woman that he didn't know.


2- I don't pay much attention to the news at all. I don't have TV or get the paper. If I see something online, I'll check it out on occasion, but I am one of the least informed people on the planet. If there's something major I usually hear it from someone in my life that I speak to. :)

3- I've known how to play, but I never cared for it much. It's not on my "to do list" to learn more or like it. I have too many other interests.

Happy Toosdae!

Bond said...

1) I hardly slept so no dreams

2) Online and some on the rdio while in my car commuting

3) I do, but not well

You know if you use a Costco or Sams (or even Walmart) - you can get larger sizes of those bars and save even more

SilverNeurotic said...

1. Did you dream last night? If so, can you share it with us-at least a little bit? I had a dream I was touring Europe with some kind of group. I think my mom was with me.

2. How do you get your news? CNN, NPR and Twitter.

3. Do you know how to play chess? If so, do you like it? If not, do you want to learn? No, I don't know how to play. I'd like to learn but I doubt I have the patience.

Travis said...

1. If I did, I don't remember it.

2. Internet.

3. I do, but I'm not very good at it.

G.W. said...

1. I know I had a dream. I was going somewhere with someone. I can't put a finger on it. BUT, in the last week, I've had very vivid dreams about catching big fish in calm blue water, as well as flying in an airplane, crashing into water, then fixing the plane and flying again. Those were fun to analyze.

2. I am an online news junky. Sometimes I'll catch a piece of the morning or evening news.

3. I know how to play chess. Have since I was a kid. I don't play as much anymore.