Monday, March 08, 2010


This weekend I was down in CT looking for bridesmaids dresses for my sister's wedding.  We also looked for her dress, as well.  The dress you see pictured here is the one that we that same color.  I'm pretty happy with the choice.  I think it looks good on all of us and we got a really great deal for it.  We paid only $79!  The reason we got it for such a great price is because David's Bridal sucks at customer service.

Knowing that it would be busy, we made an appointment.  The girl that was assigned to us was NOT helpful at all-in fact her standard answer was "We don't have that" and then she'd walk away.  We often picked dresses ourselves and when we needed her, we couldn't find her.  At the end of the process we decided to walk out without ordering the dresses from her so that she would not get the commission.

About 15 minutes later, we received a call from the manager.  She told us that if we came back to order the dresses, we would get $20 off of the price.  The dresses were on sale already so we jumped at the chance.  We were reluctant to walk back in because of the horrible girl, but luckily the manager helped us for the entire rest of the time we were there.  In fact, they were so helpful that they found my sister a dress too!  She told my sister that she wanted to make it worth her while as well and did she not see any dresses she liked?  My sister explained that she did see one but she didn't love it.  We showed the manager the picture of the dress she loved (which they didn't have) and then the dress she tried on and liked.  Somehow, more dresses appeared.  The manger showed her dresses from the "designer" collection-which was not even mentioned to us before-and that's where she found her dress!  She was offered a great deal and so she ordered it.

In addition, they gave my sister $100 in gift cards to a restaurant.  The weird thing is, it's not really $100.  We tried to redeem them so we could go out to dinner after shopping but the site said each restaurant gets to choose how much they give you!  So all in all, it doesn't seem as good as they sounded.

Another thing that I find "funny" is that my sister was given such a good "deal" on her dress.  She saved about $300-which is fantastic-but today I looked the dress up online and it's the same price!  They didn't offer her a deal b/c of the inconvenience, they offered the deal because it was ON SALE.  Still, I'm glad they doted on her and helped her find her dress, but still...I hate when people are dishonest.  Don't tell me you're giving me such a great deal-just tell me that I'm in luck b/c it's already on sale.  Ya know?  I mean, honestly.  She loved the dress, even when she thought it was full price.

All in all, even with the stress of the bitchy girl who helped us first, it was a great day.  I've never had such a successful shopping trip with so many people involved.  The four of us in her wedding got our dresses ordered (and we all love them!), Rye Bread got her flower girl dress (and loves it) and the bride also ordered a dress.  Can't beat that, really!!!  The only person who did not get a dress (and she kept letting us know this) was my mother.  But she made the decision not to try on dresses so really, it's her own fault.

In other news-as of yesterday I was down 9 pounds in about 1 1/2 weeks.  I have an official weigh in tonight and will know for sure how much I lost-but we went out to dinner last night before I came home to MA and it was not a good one diet-wise.  So we'll see.  My guess is it'll be about a total of 7 or so.  But I'm on my way!


LceeL said...

You do realize that at some point you're going to have to document the new svelteness of you with a picture or two, don't you? I think you're pretty as you are - but if you think you need to lose weight - then by all means, do so. Just show us.

Linda said...

First off, congratulations on the weight loss - you are doing fantastic!

I'm glad to see that the trip to CT was a successful one and even though the trip had its ups and downs at David's that everything worked out in the end. Love the dress you've chosen!!

Bond said...

customer service is, unfortunately a lost art..glad you got what you wanted, even with the troubles it took

Congrats on the weight careful, the dress might not fit you!

SilverNeurotic said...

I really love that Brides Maid dress!

Mags said...

Lou: Once it's obvious that I am losing weight I'll take some pictures-right now only I can tell in the way my clothes fit. I'd say another week or 2.

Linda: Thanks!

Vinny: I'm HOPING the dress is too big. :) I ordered 2 sizes smaller than I tried on (the one I had on was a little big) and it can be taken in. Also, she said if it's way too big, I can exchange it, also.

Nikole: It's pretty, isn't it!?

Travis said...

That dress is gorgeous.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

It's a beautiful dress and I kno wthat will look gorgeous on you... a perfect style and color!

The wedding business is a racket... just saying...

Congrats on the loss!