Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I might have cheated on my diet a bit this weekend, but at least I don't have to wear size a million pants.

Stephen Colbert reminds me a little of Bob Saget.

It doesn't feel good to finally be completely left behind. In fact, it feels pretty shitty.

This is the dress my mother bought for my sister's wedding. It's a night wedding and she'll look very elegant in it. Though this picture is a little weird with the teenie bopper, it's still a pretty dress:

Maybe one day I'll look good enough to wear a dress like that.

I feel bad-my friend and I planned to go to a certain restaurant/lounge soon because we've both wanted to go for a while. I just remembered though that I am going with some other people. It feels kind of like I'm cheating on her.

Giant meatballs on crispy bread with fresh ricotta rock.

So do places only locals know. And being one of those locals.

I took my car in for its first oil change and it came back with a weird noise. I brought it back to complain and now the engine light is on. It has less than 4K on it! It should NOT be having problems. I dropped it off today. Crossing my fingers it's nothing major.

I would like to have a date for my sisters wedding in October and I would like it to be with someone I'm in a relationship with. Which means I need to find a man! This is where I wish you all were local you could set me up with other local friends! :)


LceeL said...

I hope your car is okay.

I'm so sorry that you've 'been left behind'. But remember that song lyric that says - "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end". There's a new 'beginning' coming for you. The thing is - now you're ready.

I would love to see you in that dress.

Marilyn said...

My diet is in a complete shambles and I'm very depressed about it. I want to look nice when I see Andy at the end of April.

I think that dress would look nice on you. I wish I knew somebody I could set you up with. I think I may know somebody near you, but he's a jerk. You deserve better.

Linda said...

Well that sucks about your car - I hope they didn't mess something up and if they did, I hope they make it like new again!

I have two weddings this spring/summer and sadly, I believe I am going solo to both. The first one I'm technically doing the photography so I plan on taking Amanda with me to assist so maybe that one doesn't count but the one in July I'll be strictly a guest ... a solo guest. Crap.

SilverNeurotic said...

Being left behind is the loneliness feeling one can ever feel.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Ugh, hate car issues...

Hugs on feeling left behind.

katherine. said...

Rhiannon has a whole bevy of friends there.

how are you?

katherine. said...

rolling my eyes

while I do care how you are...I meant to ask...

how old are you?

I believe I must have an aversion to the word, "old"

Mags said...

Thanks everyone-hopefully getting the car back today (see today's ramble rant). It just stinks that I even had to deal with it.

Katherine: That made me chuckle! I am 33.