Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I actually said, "He's a little hearth throb, huh?" about a student the other day. I'm old.

I have been trying to find tiki torch birthday candles and have been unsuccessful.

I rock at Apples to Apples.

Some might say Ronald Regan was a hero...

I got my clothes from Old Navy yesterday and boy is that sweater BRIGHT. The color's a little off from the website, but I like it.

I am seriously considering resigning from my cooking job. It's getting to be just too much with my day job. I often have trouble getting things done (like laundry, dishes, going to the gym...) because I have no time during the week. I know this means I will not be cooking so I have to think hard about that because it's what I love. But it's seriously tiring and I want to have time to get healthy.

I talked to a boy on the phone the other day. I was very excited to chat with him because our IM's were great and he was cute but when we got on the phone he was a weirdo. He over analyzed his words so closely that he almost stuttered. I finally just had to end the call. When I did, he said he was sorry for being so weird and boring. I felt badly, but...he was weird and boring.

Supper club is really, really dying. One person dropped out and the others have not responded. This is sad because I love it and also because it means I won't see those friends anymore. Which means my social circle just got a lot smaller.

They forgot to give me my cheese curls at Monday's appointment. They are my favorite and I'm sad I don't have them!

Lindsay Lohen suing Etrade because they used the name Lindsay is ridiculous.

I need to find a new signature perfume. I used to wear Armani Mania but I no longer want to wear that for personal reasons. Any suggestions?


Danielle A. said...

Not getting cheese curls is a travesty, I agree. I am a giant cheese curls fan. So BOO to not getting them.

When we were at Epcot the other day, I got a sample of a new perfume that Guerlain is coming out with. Let me know if you want it - it's pretty, but I like VS's Pure Seduction right now.

G.W. said...

What kind of scent are you looking for? A summer citrus type, flowery, a heavier evening scent? I like Light Blue by Dolce & gabbana (I wear the men's version). It's not too overwhelming, and has a nice light scent. Good for spring, and summer days.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

Boooo, no cheese curls!

You're not old...

I'm not a perfume person... I have two bottles -- Twilight woods by BBW and Inspire by Lollia

SilverNeurotic said...

I don't wear perfume too often, but when I do it's the cucumber melon scent from Bath and Body Works. Then I smell yummy.

Clancy Pants said...

I have wanted perfume for the last... 7? years. I'm not sure how long, but LONG. I keep hinting to my husband to get it for me sometime for Christmas or something but he hasn't yet. Silly boy! :) Apparently I'm too cheap to just go buy it myself. The one I want (and the one I always spray on myself from the tester at the Estee Lauder counter) is Estee Lauder's Beautiful Sheer. It has the silver lid... that's an important distinction because the gold lid one smells revolting to me! :) Anyway I love it, but you know how smells are... sometimes something you love on someone else smells really strange and not the same at all on your own person. That's what I find anyway. Must be a body chemistry thing or something! :)

My mom wears Clinique Happy and I LOVE that smell on her. In fact, one time I posted about it. Have you tried Happy?

flipper said...

Apples to Apples cheater! "shes just mad cause she doesnt have any" lol

Travis said...

Maybe instead of weird and boring he was just shy and nervous? Or not.