Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I forgot how horrible the roads in Springfield are. My poor little car.

I hate when people are nervous to cook for me. When I say that I love hot dogs, that usually makes them feel a little better though.

It's nice to hear someone say they want to learn to cook from me.

Boss's should NOT lean over your shoulder. Especially when it's been made clear that it makes someone uncomfortable.

It's horrifying when you get a bill in the mail from your dentist for $400 when you thought it was supposed to be covered. It's fantastic, however, when you call the insurance company to complain and they realize they made a mistake and your $400 balance disappears.

This means I have some cushion money from my taxes. It's not really cushion money, it's just hopefully the money I need to catch up and stop being in the red every month.

I am only buying myself one thing with tax money-Red Sox tickets. If I can get them. I might be able to buy some special tickets today and if I get them, I'll use them as a father's day present. It'll be a month early, but I think he'll enjoy it none the less. So I kill 2 birds with 1 stone: I get to do one of my favorite things in the world (go see a baseball game at Fenway) and spend time with my dad watching it live. (And having ME pay for it for once!)

I have very little to do as it is right now. Don't do my job for me, thankyouverymuch.

LOST lunch again today...does anyone else feel like you're being lied to? Like when they say it's time for answers and then you don't really get anything new? Or at least anything significantly new?

I'm off to CT again this weekend, but this time hopefully it'll be fun. It might also be traumatizing because we're trying on bridesmaids dresses, but at least I know I'll be skinnier when I actually have to wear it in public!

I am taking Bella's stitches out tomorrow. Myself. My cousin said I can do it and it's easy but I'm a little nervous. I don't want to hurt her little belly. (She's pulling on them herself though-so it's time to take them out.)


"Lois Grebowski" said...

I'm still kinda confused about LOST. We were supposed to know more answers, but I seem to get more questions! LOL!

Travis said...

Maybe if you wait, Bella will take them out for you and save you the trouble.