Friday, March 05, 2010

Low Fat

There's a very yummy cafe in the square closest to the university where my office mates and I go for breakfast every now and then.  It's a cute little locally owned spot that is very stereotypical of the area and I love it.  The food there is amazing.  They have such wonderfully fattening, delicious waffles and pancakes with caramelized banana's and oh so many other options, it really blows your mind.  This morning, we had breakfast.  I had to go in with the knowledge of what I was going to eat before I even stepped into the place.  I've done so well over the last week and I don't want to spoil it if I can help it.  I planned out that for breakfast I would have an egg and Canadian bacon sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin with a side of fruit.

When the sandwich was delivered to me, I noticed that there were 3 slices of Canadian bacon on it!  No one needs that many slices and so I took 2 of them off.  There was also a slice of cheese on the sandwich and instead of scraping it off, I decided to eat it and omit the cheese snack that I was slated to eat today anyway.  The fruit plate was amazing.  A whole banana cut up, mango, papaya (which was gross), a piece of pineapple, lots of strawberries and black berries as well.  I had to eat 2 fruits with breakfast and I exceeded that easily.  I'm really proud of the choices I made and proud that I did not give into pressure to cheat when there was no reason to.  I didn't feel deprived at all either.  And I know that when I step on the scale tomorrow morning, I won't be disappointed.


Tonight I am going out with a friend to a pub in Cambridge.  I have a plan for that too-they have Sam Lite and it's only 124 calories.  While I would really like a glass of wine, it's more expensive (by $5!) and also more calories.  I really like beer anyway, so it's no sacrifice to me.  We're driving instead of taking public transportation, so having only one beer is the smart choice anyway.  And, if I choose to have a 2nd one, I won't be breaking my diet too badly as I'm planning on not having my late night snack that's built in. 

I am heading to the gym after work tonight (before I go out) and then I'm meeting with a trainer in the morning before I head down to CT for the weekend.  My parents have an elliptical (in the room I sleep in, actually) so I won't be missing out on gym time either.

I'm determined this time.  This is going to work.

Have a great Friday everyone.  Sorry to be posting so late.  I was...let's say...distracted last night.  Perhaps you'll get the story on that in a few days.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

sounds like you're right on track!

Linda said...

Whew! Just got caught up with your back posts and it looks and sounds like you are doing fantastic with your new diet and exercise regime. Good for you! And you deserve some new clothes, too! It's not like you're buying a whole new wardrobe, just a few core pieces that I think are going to make you feel even better about the progress you've made.

Hope you have a good weekend down here in Connecticut. Rumor has it it's going to be nice - finally! I'll be going down to Mystic tomorrow as it seems that Amanda won a prize in the art show that her instructor put that self portrait in and the presentation is tomorrow at the show's opening. Exiting stuff! Of course, it would be more exciting if I didn't feel like I was coming down with a cold or post nasal drip or something. Ugh!

Oh, and I totally agree with you on the roads in Springfield - I hate driving through there as 91 is a complete and total mess but of course that's the way to go to pick up Sami in Amherst. Sigh ... why can't Amanda have friends that live close??

Travis said...

Good for you for doing your planning.

SilverNeurotic said...

Yay for going out and still eating smart!

Desert Songbird said...

Great job on the eating out plans! You're doing well; keep it up!

Thomas said...

Heads are gonna roll when I find out who was most responsible for making you cry this past week.