Monday, March 01, 2010

Groucho Mags

I'm in a grouchy mood today. There's no particular reason other than it's Monday, really. I could use a smile or a hug...something to pick me up. Flowers would be fun too. (You know you area chef when instead of "flowers" you type "flours" every time.) The only saving grace is that tonight I am going over to my friend Josh's house for dinner with his partner and then we're having a Bachelor party. It should be pretty fun. I'm making lemon pudding cakes. They only have 200 calories per serving. I'm told we'll have pork for dinner. Yay for fun friends!

I wonder if this little crab will show up

As you know, yesterday I had to drive to Springfield to pick up my kitty. For some reason, my GPS wanted to drive me past every spot I ever went with Greg. I even passed WNEC for some odd reason. The GPS said, "Fuck you Maggie's heart-Fuck you!" and it drove me past places I would have just assumed forgotten. There was no real reason why I was taken on this route.

Also, GPS needs an "avoid ghetto" option. Yes, I can take the shortest route or the fastest route...but the safest route should also be an option. I'm just glad it was during the day. Some of these places I know about because of Jamie and I can guarantee that bad people live in those areas. At least I would have been able to find a hospital quickly if I had gotten GPS knows these things.


katherine. said...

a long time ago...when I worked for a toy company...when I was deemed especially staff would put an oscar the grouch puppet on my door. Their very own early warning system

your gps is a bitch.
just sayin'

LceeL said...

Now you see?? There IS a use for technology in the city. 'The fastest way to the hospital in case you get shot.' That never even crossed my mind. Who knew?

Bond said...

Throw that GPS into a lake is what I say

Travis said...

Fuck you GPS, that's what I say!

Life is too short to let places get you down. So here's what you do next time:

1. Take your thumb and place it on the end of your knows with your four fingers spread and facing up.

2. Wiggle your fingers.

3. Blow a big wet raspberry in the general direction of the place that is bugging you.

Just be sure not to do that in one of those skeery neighborhoods.

Mags said...

I do not know why, but when Trav swears, it makes me smile. :)