Monday, March 15, 2010

Floods and Stuff

It's been raining here pretty steadily for the past 3 days now and there is substantial flooding around the area. Yesterday I was diverted twice on the way to the gym because roads were flooded. One of them looked as though there was never a road to begin with! On the way home from the gym I passed a fire engine that was towing a small inflatable motor boat. Craziness!

This morning I woke to find a substantial leak in my living room ceiling. It's spread to about 1/4 of the ceiling and is (thankfully only) dripping in one area right now. My landlord said he'll get to it when he can today. Apparently the basement is very flooded too. That really sucks for two reasons: 1. My pretty ceiling that was smooth and freshly painted is now ugly and bubbled and dripping into my apartment. 2. My heat is off either because the boiler is out of water or submerged in it. I don't want to go check.

I've taken at least the morning off from work to wait for him. I hate when people come into my place when I'm not here and my boss is traveling today anyway, so I'd be slow. If the landlord doesn't come in the next hour, I might just take the whole day off as a personal day and take the time for laundry and another trip to the gym before weigh in tonight.

Yesterday I attempted to do 1 hour of cardio all at once. I read somewhere that in order to lose weight you should be doing at least 1 hour, 6 days a week! Right now with my schedule I'm doing about 2 hours TOTAL a week. So yesterday I tried to push the limit. I did fairly well for someone in my shape and with my asthma. I didn't make it to 1 hour but I did manage to do 40 minutes, which is an improvement. AND the first 1/2 hour was actually pretty easy, which means I'm getting there. Of course when I got off of the elliptical my legs felt like rubber, but that's beside the point!

I bought some hand weights so that I can work on my arms while watching TV at night. I also did some sit ups and reverse sit ups too but my tailbone digs into the floor because my stomach muscles aren't strong enough yet so it hurt. That'll improve with time too, I am sure.

This morning I was only 2 pounds away from a milestone weight and I know that by the next weigh in I'll be there. I've started to notice small changes in my body like my collarbone is more defined and my hip bone is more prevalent. There's still a lot of padding that needs to be shed, and not many people would notice the difference but because I know my body I can tell. It's very exciting.


LceeL said...

What are you trying to do? Become even more gorgeous than you already are? Gotta take it easy on us men there Darlin'.

Mags said...

Ooo...just an aside but my "You might also like" is a picture of a boy I've loved since 8th grade...he's so dreamy. :)

Anyway-thanks Lou...but...I'm not beating any men off with a stick, so...I think this is good. :)

kat said...

Holy cow, flooding? Apart from the leaky ceiling I can relate. Heating is out in our house too and it is still freezing here :( Hope it will be fixed tonight.

Great thing about your excersice and weigh in. Keeping my fingers crossed.
You're doing great and you sound happy about it.

Linda said...

Did your landlord get there yet? Hopefully your ceiling didn't leak on anything and ruin it.

The fire departments here have been very busy pumping out people's basements which happens every single time there's a lot of rain. Makes me not wish Fire Dispatching a bit as I could just never understand why people didn't get sump pumps and the like to take precautions rather than rely on the Fire Department to come out and pump out their basement every single storm. That's not really what they're around for but it's nice that they do it.

Half our our dispatch console had to be covered in black garbage bags on Saturday night when the ceiling started leaking directly above it! There were leaks all over the building and ceiling tiles were doubling as sponges in a lot of the offices.

I'm looking forward to hopefully getting some sun back sometime soon and things drying up a bit.

Sounds like you are doing excellent with the exercise and weight loss! I probably won't even recognize you by the time I get up there again!

SilverNeurotic said...

Our basement is flooded too. My brother was suppose to go and clean it up, but he's being a jerk the last few days. Male PMS maybe?

Rocketstar said...

Congrats on the exercise results!

Travis said...

First you have to find the motivation for yourself. Then you see results, and the motivation comes from that.

Good on ya!

Mary said...

You're almost there! You can do it!