Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did U Ever Notice?

Have you ever noticed that baby macaws kind of, sort of resemble...a human ball sac?

No,'s true. Yesterday I was searching for pictures of blue macaws for my nieces birthday cake and several of the websites showed baby parrots...and yeah. Balls. It's sort of unfortunate but at least they don't know it. And at least they grow up to be beautiful. Unlike balls. Which always look like, well...balls.

So this cake, if it works out, is going to be pretty kick ass. I think I'm going to make the tail out of fondant so that it hangs down off of a platform, where the bird will be "sitting". I figure that I'll need to bake about 6 or 7 layers for the bird. I'll stack them up and carve them, then decorate with butter cream. The other cake is probably going to be a luau cake with a bon fire and maybe a pig roast. But that really depends on how much time I have. I'm pretty excited to make it and am sort of sad I don't have to do it for another month. But one thing I've learned over the last 7 years of making Rye Bread's cakes is that waiting until the last minute to plan is NOT a good idea.


LceeL said...

I believe i can say, with all honesty, that no, i never knew that baby macaws look like scrotum. Or is it scrota? Anyway, THIS is why I blog. I learn something new every day. Sometimes twice a day. And this day? This day is special. I will never look at another Macaw in the same way again. :>)

Marilyn said...

I have actually had that thought before but never voiced it.

Rocketstar said...

Blue balls are not good.

So are you a Cake Boss watcher/fan?

Thomas said...

Nice to know that when doing research on macaws, you went balls-out. Your readers expect nothing less.