Friday, March 26, 2010

5 on Friday

Every now and then I remember to play along with a friends weekly posting...this week I remembered Trav's 5 of Friday feature and made a playlist to post. This one is just comprised of 5 songs I've purchased on ITunes. Some of them recently, others not so recently but all have been played several times (many time over and over!). I might be playing wrong because I don't highlight a certain singer/artist but I'm more of a random music lover anyway, so it fits...I hope you enjoy it!

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Julia Smith said...

Hi - thanks for popping over to my place. Very nice to meet a blog buddy of Travis'.

I'm pretty sure that whatever you want to put on your 5 on Friday set is up to you. I have always posted various artists for my sets.

I really enjoyed Colbie Caillat and Antje Duvekot. I've been hungry for new music lately, and these two artists are great discoveries for me.

Jamie said...

My son game me an IPOD for Xmas and I have become an ITunes addict. It's always wonderful to get hints from others of music that I shouldn't miss. Thanks for adding to the list of interesting recordings.

Travis said...

That's the cool thing about my feature...there's no right or wrong! Just guidelines.

I'm looking forward to listening to your set over the weekend. Thanks for playing!

Linda said...

I've never heard any of these artists or songs - thanks for the introduction!

I tend to go with "sets" when I play along with Travis' meme but that's probably because I'm an anal retentive pain-in-the-ass Virgo and have to be overly organized! One of these days I will break out of the mold! Maybe!

Linda said...

Speaking of breaking things, I just had to tell you that the word verification for that last comment was "hymmen" which just struck me as totally funny even though there was an extra 'm' in there!