Friday, February 19, 2010

What's Cookin? Rice Cake!

Many of you asked here and in emails if I would post the cake recipe I put together for my friend's birthday this week. I would have done so in the beginning, but, well, I wasn't sure how it would taste, know. I waited. But I have to tell you, this cake was a HUGE hit. It is delicious and you don't for one minute miss anything. (Well, except frosting, but you can top this however you wish!)

Feel free to bake this cake for personal use ONLY. You may not re-post this recipe without my written permission.

Sorry about that...some food blogs are quite aggressive in re-posting recipes. And now, without further ado, the recipe.

1 1/4 C. Brown Rice Flour
1/4 t. Salt
1 1/2 t. Baking Powder
2 Eggs
1/2 C. Vegetable Oil
1 t. Vanilla Extract
1/2 C. Sugar
3/4 C. Unsweetened Applesauce
1/4 C. Water*

Method: Preheat oven to 350. Lightly grease an 8 inch round cake pan.

1. Combine flour, salt and baking powder. Lightly whisk together to combine. Set aside.
2. In another bowl, combine eggs, sugar, apple sauce and vanilla. Whisk and add oil.
3. Combine the dry mixture with the wet mixture and add water. Stir to combine and pour into cake round.
4. Bake 25-30 minutes until cake springs back when touched, or when a cake tester comes out clean. Cool 5 minutes and turn out onto a baking rack. Cool completely and top as desired.

*I generally don't advocate using just plain water in a baking recipe but because my friends food allergies are so severe right now, this is what I opted for. Like I mentioned before, no one missed any of the fat or flavor.


Palm Springs Savant said...

well now, Mags that sounds like a nice cake. I'll give it a whirl

Mags said...

Great Rick! I hope that you enjoy it. If I were you, I'd top it with fruit and no frosting...but that's just me. :) Let me know...