Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Getting a text that starts with "Hello my little pastry poodle" makes me smile.

I know that they can use any music, but it was weird watching ice dancing with country music playing.

"Wanna put some powder on those pits?"

It still breaks my heart to think about Rye Bread crying because she misses me.

Biggify is a word...even if it's just in the blog world.

I dislike the word "lobe" first it seems like a fun word to say, but then I think about about brains and livers and it's suddenly not as fun...but still a little fun.

Lisa Lobe's "Stay" is the song I sing if I go to Karaoke.

My little sister is getting married in October and we're going to pick dresses out in a couple of weeks in New Haven. I've been sort of freaking out about it because the 2 other girls in the wedding are very skinny and I'm not. So I went on David's bridal and found the option to make a fake wedding picture with the dress we might get. I'm the one with the jacket on. It doesn't look too weird to have 1 person in a jacket, does it?

Today I'm having lunch with 3 other girls in the office. We're going to talk about LOST every week until the end.

Because of my LOST lunches, I am also having dinner at a friends house on Monday to watch The Bachelor. I love his partner and have only met him once, so I'm super excited to have been invited over for dinner and entertainment.

No girl likes to hear that she is 2nd best.

I am going out to dinner tonight with a male friend of mine. The week is less lonely now.


SilverNeurotic said...

I seriously can't get over the second choice thing. It's one thing to think it-but you don't tell the other person they are their second choice!

Bond said...

Love Lost...and I am enjoying this season.

I do not think it odd for one person to have the jacket...I like the non-symmetry of it actually. that would give me a tingle and I do not bake!

Have you answered those winks?

LceeL said...

"Lobe" makes me think of "ear".

katherine. said...

I've been to several weddings lately where each of the bridesmaids wore a slightly different dress made out of the same fabric. It looks great. So for you to wear a jacket isn't odd at all.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

I think the jacket looks fine! Is that Rye Bread in the flower girl outfit? Cute!

Mags said...

Vinny: I have returned winks and answered emails. :)

Lois-yup! It's supposed to be Rye Bread. I can't wait to see her all dressed up like that. :)

Thomas said...

Entertainment Weekly online has an fantastic write-up on each new LOST episode. It posts every Wednesday morning. Here's the latest one:,,20313460_20346540,00.html

Choice quote:

"BURNING QUESTION: Who's David's Mom? Who's the female participant in the creation of this inexplicably conceived Sideways child? Who's this phantom woman that Sideways Jack was once with and now isn't? Wouldn't if be totally ironic and fitting if she was the Sideways iteration of Lost's resident fertility doc/Jack dumpette, better known to us as Juliet? And you wanna know why she wasn't home last night? That's right, kids: Going dutch on coffee with new boyfriend Sawyer. (You got goosebumps? That's right, I did that.)"

Mags said...

Thanks Tommy-I actually read it already, but thank you for thinking of it!! (And we all thought Juliette too!)

Travis said...

Pastry poodle made me LOL!