Wednesday, February 10, 2010


You should not to into Harvard Square on the night of the Hasty pudding awards. Especially if it's JT getting the award.

Some homeless men hide the money they've been given so that you think they only have coins.

Some Ethiopian men can't take "no" for an answer and continue talking to you even when you want him to leave.

It's weird when a man enters a bathroom but turns back to face the door so that when the door opens he can stare at you.

I purchased the 30 Day Shred video this weekend and will be starting it soon. I hope I make it past 2 days.

I had a dream the other night that a neighbor downstairs (who doesn't exist) had a key to my apartment and that he would come in while I was sleeping and lay on my couch. I heard him and came out to the living room only to see him running out. It was creepy and I couldn't sleep afterward.

Bella goes in for her surgery in a couple of weeks. :( I know it has to be done, but I hate that she's going to hurt.


LceeL said...

Now THAT is a strange dream.

And what's the fun of having a crush if you're not going to talk about it - after all, out here? You're among friends.

"Lois Grebowski" said...

RE: crush -- enjoy the feelings

Crushes can be fun, especially when you're the only who knows about it...


SilverNeurotic said...

Bella will do fine. They'll give her plenty of meds so she won't be in much pain. You'll probably have trouble keeping her calm.

Bond said...

YAY for keep it to yourself until you feel ready...

Weird guy in the bathroom...strange dream too

flipper said...

-sisters get to know about crushes. So call or email me SIS.
-U saw a homeless man hide money?
-pls explain about the bathroom man.
-have u heard of p90x workout tapes? intense.
-I dont l like ur dream
-Is bellas surgery to get fixed?

Mags said...

Lou: I can't talk about it now...there might be people reading. ;)

Bond & Lash: The bathroom guy was the guy from Ethiopia. Yeah. He was weird.

Lash: We've talked about my crush before. But don't say his name if you remember. Yes, Bella's surgery is to get fixed.

Linda said...

30-Day Shred video? I assume this is an exercise video?

Crushes are sweet; it's been a long time since I've had one or met anyone I'd even consider having one on. That rather stinks now that I think about it!

Travis said...

I don't like dreams when people invade my space. Those qualify as nightmares to me.