Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday is Ryeday!

First, I'd like to wish my very good friend Mo the happiest birthday ever...I hope you have a day that is just as wonderful as you are.

I had another bad night of dreams last night.  I woke up at around 5am and couldn't get back to sleep because my brain wouldn't stay quiet.  I just hate those dreams that take hold of you and smack you down.  I prayed a lot last night.  I prayed for a quiet brain and for certain things to slip away.  When I couldn't think of anything more to pray about, I just said the Our Father over and over until I fell back to sleep.  At around 7am.  When my alarm went off. 

Right now, I am actually feeling pretty good, but it's early.  I did have some wardrobe malfunctions this morning though, so my bedroom looks like a bomb went off.  There are clothes strewn everywhere and also a mountain on my bed.  Bella is sure to have a fun time laying in them today.  And it's a short day at work for me today, because my Rye Bread is coming to visit me for the weekend!!!  I'm so excited.  This is the first time she's sleeping over in my new apartment and also the first time she's staying over with Bella.  It should be interesting.  I had a pep talk with Bella this morning.  I'm crossing my fingers all goes well.

I have a fun weekend sort of planned for us.  Today we'll just lay low, I think, and have pizza for dinner.  We'll make a chocolate pudding pie for dessert for tomorrow.  When we wake up tomorrow we'll eat breakfast and maybe watch some Sponge Bob and then head out either to a movie OR to paint pottery...she gets to decide.  When we get home, I think we're going to make pasta from scratch.  I did that with her when she was about 4 and she loved it.  Hopefully it'll have the same effect on her now.  We'll also make meatballs too, if she's up to it.  Then, of course, we'll eat chocolate pudding pie for dessert.  Before I bring her home on Sunday we might go to Chinatown.  It's the Chinese New Year and there is a street fair to celebrate, including a parade.  It's free.  Which is good because Aunt Mags is B-R-O-K-E. 

I hope she'll have a good time.  No doubt she'll ask me to play Lego's with her because that's what she always does.  Which is funny because when I was little I used to bug one of my older cousins to do the same thing.  I had Lego's at my own house, but it was more fun to use his.


Things at work are good, for the most part.  Because I'm still new, people don't often come to me for help which is frustrating.  People go to another girl who's been here for ages.  She was away for 2 weeks and during that time people came in and did ask me because she wasn't here.  She came back, and it's back to the same thing.  Sometimes people come into the office and don't even acknowledge anyone else.  It's quite rude and annoying.  How the hell am I supposed to meet people and prove myself if they don't even talk to me?  I've started chiming in or listening to conversations and stories-sort of forcing them to address the whole office.  This might be rude on my part, but damn-she's not the only person here!  And this has NOTHING to do with her-I love her to death.  She's the sweetest person and she is knowledgeable.  I'd probably ask her too.  But really-it's annoying when these people do that, especially when they are here to see my dean.  Anyway...that's my rant for the day.  And now it's off to work and then off to play.

Have a wonderful Friday!


LceeL said...

I hope your weekend visitor enjoys your company - and your plans for her. have a good weekend.

Bond said...

Have a wonderfully wonderful weekend

Glad the cake went over so well!

Linda said...

I had some strange dreams myself this morning but nothing scary - just strange. When I woke up I kind of would liked to have picked up where one dream left off but alas, it never works that way when you want it to.

Have a great weekend with Rye Bread - sounds like you're going to have a wonderful time!

SilverNeurotic said...

I hope you had a good time with Rye Bread this weekend.