Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The trend of singers singing their names at the beginning of a song is weird. Who thought of that? Do you think Jason Derulo was just so inspired that he just busted out with is own name? I've been inspired to sing before but never have I felt the need to sing a few bars of my name.

I am excited to see my friend Mo on Friday and to meet Melisa (and possibly Lou) on Saturday. I've got a very full itinerary for this trip. Tapas w/ Mo then the aquarium Saturday, then a full day of sight seeing with Melisa (including deep dish pizza and Chicago dogs!) and possibly dinner w/ Lou. Chicago here I come!

The weather is supposed to be really cold. The low is going to be 11.

Monday afternoon I was gasping for air after telling a story. Realizing that things were getting worse fast I called the doctor. She actually did some lung tests and prescribed me an additional inhaler. This is a steroid inhaler that I puff twice a day in addition to the normal one. Hopefully I'll feel the difference in a day or two. I'd hate to be puffing and wheezing in Chicago.

The George Lopez show (the sitcom) is hysterical.

Bella likes it too.

I had lunch with the cousin I grew up with last weekend. It's amazing how the years pass but we're still the same even though we're different. Does that make sense? In any case, it's great to have her back in my life.

I seem to be attracting men who work nights lately.

My boss looked at my boobs the other day. Man I felt dirty after that.

Not only do my neighbors downstairs screw each other and make stupid noises, he sign "You Are My Sunshine" to her at 11:30 at night. I'm sure they heard my "SERIOUSLY?!!?" and then my footsteps getting out of bed. Are they stupid? Do they not realize we can hear them!?!

I have taken on 2 award ceremony projects at work. I finally feel like people will really get to know me now.

"I also been struck by your ability to look so good even when it would be easy not to." Wow. That's quite the compliment.

Have you ever decided you wanted Chinese food for dinner but then you thought you wanted pizza instead so you get the pizza and it is not really good and you realize you should have had the Chinese? I hate that.


"Lois Grebowski" said...

Have a blast in chicago... Eat an Italian Beef sandwich or chicago-style dog for me...

Melisa with one S said...

Don't forget stretchy pants! haha

G.W. said...

I went to a suburb of Chicago once. It was really nice out there. Hey...that's a little random, at least it fits today.

On my street there is a 3 family house and one couple got evicted due to "excessive noise of the sexual nature".

I have had food buyer's remorse many times. It usually happens when I get something I always eat instead of something new that catches my eye.

I used to work for a women that I'd catch staring at the front of my pants everytime I went into her office. I would immediately go into a panic thinking my fly was down. It never was, she was just creepy. I had devious visions of walking in with a strategically placed hot dog and seeing her reaction. I never did because that would have resulted in a quick trip to HR.

Have fun in CHICAGO!!!!!

Carrie said...

Have a ton of fun on your trip! If they have manatees at the aquarium, say hi for me, ok?

Now I really want some chinese.

LceeL said...

The thing about Chicago is - as long as you stay away from Pizza hut, Papa John's and Domino's, there's no such thing as bad pizza.

Bond said...

You will have fun in Chicago - but it is going to be COLD!

OK, so the boss did not say when he was looking at your boobs, did he?

Travis said...

When the thought of having Chinese food crosses my mind, I let nothing distract me.

Enjoy Chicago!

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I hope you and Mo have a fabulous time and you both stay warm. :)