Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I hate when you sit down on a toilet and the seat is warm from someone else's butt.

Here's a dating tip: If you are not ready for a committed relationship, don't waste my effing time.

I like the term "On the lam".  Even though it doesn't have a good meaning.  On the's fun.

My friend's husband is quite quirky.  He hurt his finger at work and was embarrassed about it.  To cover up the bandages when they had company over he wore a single black glove.  And he was surprised when people asked why he was wearing it.

I got asked out on a date this morning via text message.  This is the tall guy.  We spoke a couple of times and he's very nice but I don't think he's ready to seriously date.  If I didn't mention this, he is a widower.  I'm flattered and it did make me smile, but...I'm not sure I want to get involved with someone who is so obviously not ready.

I set a goal for myself yesterday that I was going to go to bed by 10pm.  This was going to happen because The Dad was supposed to be home and I'd get to leave early.  When I got to the house, The Mom told me that The Dad decided to stay away for the night and that I'd have to stay later.  I didn't get home until 9:30. 

Yes, I was pissed.  Not at The Mom, who was also pissed, but that The Dad just feels like he can make this decision and that he can stay away from his family so much.

I am SO looking forward to this upcoming long weekend.  I really do not want to do anything.  I have dinner plans Friday night and then nothing else.  I don't want to go anywhere, do any shopping, paint...nothing.  And yet, I know this will not happen.

Supper club this month is at my house.  This month's theme: Burgers.  My friend Lenny is bringing a grill.  It should be extra fun.  I'm making milkshakes for dessert.

I've been stalking someone in Chicago for a couple of years-actually, I've been stalking a couple.  They've cute and they're heavily involved in the Improv scene...I wanted to see her show but she's not performing, so instead, Saturday night, I think I'm going to see his.  Is that creepy?  I'd love to meet them, but I won't mention it that I'm going...that would be creepy.


Bond said...

He thought wearing a black glove would be more inconspicuous than a bandage? ummm OK then...

The Dad sounds like an a**, but that is just me

and all along I thought I was the one you wanted to stalk....pout! LOL

SilverNeurotic said...

What he couldn't think of one OJ Simpson joke? That's funny though. I hurt my finger at work a few months ago and I loved walking around with the brace.

katherine. said...

ewwww on the first one.

on dating a widower....proceed slowly and with great caution.

the dad is an ass. Not on this instance alone...but overall.

Travis said...

I'm not impressed by this dad, based on the history you've shared. I know you like the kids, but it might be worth considering a re-statement of the terms of your engagement.

Don't let yourself be unfairly taken advantage of, especially since now you're working two jobs.

Kat said...

The dad sounds like an a**, kinda like the dad in the Nanny Diaries.

Enjoy supper club...the first thing that came to mind is that you milkshake is going to bring all the boys to the yard. LOL

Lois Grebowski said...

25+ years ago when my brother hurt his finger at work, he met his future wife...

Don't get the black glove thing...

CrAzY Working Mom said...

Ewww...I'm with you on the warm toilet seats!

The dad sounds like a real jerk. I'm glad you could stay late for them, though.