Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Letter...

Thank you to you all for your advice and support about The Dad. I've made a decision. After thinking hard about this all day, I've decided to not send the letter. The main reason is because The Mom told me today is that he most likely won't be home anymore when I am there except for a few days here and there. I've asked The Mom to be sure to tell me ahead of time if The Dad is not going to be home so that I don't have to cancel plans. She agreed. I made a promise to myself though that if he says anything more about this issue or if he brings up any other issues in the future, I will talk to him about this right then and there. And if it continues after that, I will quit.

I sort of decided this on the way home tonight and then when I read my comments I really decided. Specifically, Jo's comment solidified it for me. (Thank you!) Her comment about his guilt and arrogance really hit home and the fact that he'd never acknowledge his wrongdoing would just make me more frustrated.

No, I'll hold this one in and file it away for the next time he's an ass-and there will be a next time-and then I'll talk to him about it right then and there.

Thanks again everyone-as always, my readers rock.


Did anyone watch 30 Rock tonight? I found it especially enjoyable because several references and locations directly relate to me. :)


Danielle A. said...

That's because people who rock attract other people who rock. So clearly we must rock because YOU ROCK.

Just sayin'. :)

SilverNeurotic said...

Hopefully the Mother is being truthful about the Father being away most nights now.

Travis said...

You always have to do what feels most comfortable for you.

Palm Springs Savant said...

good decision Mags