Friday, January 15, 2010

He's Not A Man, He's A Loving Machine

To those of you who ever questioned why I stayed so long, why I kept the hope alive or why I overlooked certain things, please see below. This is an actual email I had in my inbox tonight when I got home...


I am single for 5 years. Are you serious single?. I live in Brooklyn, New York. I tell honest you I do like you now. If You think you feel like good match agree me. I am sorry bother you ?.


If you're a the praying kind, please pray for a nice, normal man to fall in love with me!

Jockomo feena nay.


katherine. said...

I am that kind.
so...nice normal and a citizen.

or a visiting academic?
or a diplomat?

nice and normal.

Rocketstar said...

Sounds like one of those Nigerian email scams.

Lois Grebowski said...

Hon, you are a treasure... don't forget that.

Ike sounds like a winner.... wow! Bwahahahahahahahahha... Awesome grammar, very descriptive and has romantic way with words...

He's a winner.
:: cough cough ::

Wonder if this was the same guy in the caveman photo you posted a a while back.

Linda said...

Why is it so hard for a man to write a decent email that doesn't make him sound like he dropped out of school in grade 6??? Heck, even the vast majority of postings on dating sites read like that, too.

Lois is right, you're a treasure and you deserve so much better than some guy who can't handle proper grammar.


Mo said...

I am sorry bother you ?

Can you believe he's single????


Mo said...

PS: Is his ad entitled "Ike Seeking His Tina" ?

Mags said...

LOL MO...I know. I almost wrote back for fear of him being snatched up.

Oh wait. I'm lying.

Marilyn said...

I will pray, but you need a very nice Extraordinary man. You deserve one.