Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday the...22nd?

I'm having a hard time breathing today.  My asthma has slowly been getting worse over the last year or so and it's gotten to the point where I notice it now even when I am not being active.  The weather changes and my breathing is labored or I get a cold and my chest feels heavy.  That's the case today, I think.  The little girls I cook for are sick and so is one of my office mates and while I don't feel lousy yet, I do feel that weird "just before I get a cold" feeling in my chest.  It's rather annoying to always feel labored when trying to breath.  It was especially hard this morning in the shower.  The steam must have been too much.  I had to get out early and open the bathroom door.

Don't worry, every vital part was washed. :)

On the way to work this morning I was followed by a police officer.  It always makes me nervous when I'm driving in front of one and so I drove extra carefully.  I got to a stop light and was unsure as to whether or not I should make a right on red.  It's allowed in this state unless it's posted that you can't turn, but there's always that one sign that hides...well, I made a full stop, inched forward to see if I was clear and then I went.  And immediately, his lights turned on.

I'm not gonna lie.  I said the "f" word. 

(Now that I don't work in kitchens anymore, I've fallen back into the not swearing a lot category again.)  Anyway, I looked for a spot to pull over but couldn't find one.  Which was OK, because his lights were not for me.  He swerved around me and followed another car who apparently went through a red light.  Needless to say, I was relieved and angry at the same time.  I could just picture that cop chuckling to himself thinking about how I may have just pooped my pants.

Don't worry, I didn't.

Though I was running a few minutes late at this point, I stopped for coffee and a bagel at Panera.  The line of extra long this morning but I waited because it would be stupid for me to leave without at least getting coffee.  So I waited.  As an aside, I really hate when places that serve bagels don't put the butter or cream cheese on it for you.  I know most people like the control of putting it on themselves, but I'm not one of those people.  Anyway...
When I got to my car, the doors wouldn't open!  I pressed the buttons and nothing happened.  I pressed the other button and I had to *gasp* open the door with the key!  I did that and an alarm went off!  I didn't even know I had that feature, so I did almost poop my pants!  Luckily when I pressed the buttons again (wildly, this time) it stopped.

On my way, coffee in hand, I chuckled at how this morning was going.  I looked at the traffic and thought that the highway did not look as crowded as it usually is and contemplated taking that route instead of the back way I go to avoid the usually long line of traffic.  "'s probably backed up just over the hill."  And so I went my secret squirrel back way.

And got stopped at the very first intersection.  Where a van drove through the a store front.  On a very main avenue named after the state I live in.  And so, taking my secret squirrel back way proved to be a bad idea today because not only did I see this horrible accident and had to watch a man getting pulled out of a van*, I had to wait in the traffic associated with that accident and wait for the cop who was directing traffic to have pity on my line of cars to let us through.  So far, work's been fine. 

But then again, it's only 10:15.

*This makes me sound like I was more concerned about traffic than about the poor man who needed help.  This is not the case.  I was just mentioning it to show you how my morning was going.  While sitting in traffic, many prayers were said...


Bond said...

Holy Moley...this is the second blog today where I get to post the first comment..What are the odds...(running out to buy a lottery ticket!)

Anyway..glad you made a decision on the letter that makes you feel comfortable.

I do not know what asthma is like (and hope I never have to find out frankly), but hope you get to feeling better. strange though, I would have thought the steam is good for it, as I know when I am congested the steam helps me to feel better.

Hope the man in the van was not seriously hurt.

Doesn't it always happen, when you make a decision between two routes (two grocery lines) you always end up regretting the decision?!?!?

Have a grand weekend Ms. Mags

LceeL said...

Somehow, methinks you may be a person to be well clear of, today.

But I like you anyway.

Linda said...

On a good note, you didn't drop your coffee in the street while you were actually having to open your car door with the key!!

Hoping you have a marvelous Saturday to make up for your not-so-marvelous Friday!

Travis said...

There's no need to be nervous when a cop is behind you. It's the safest you should ever feel.

SilverNeurotic said...

Yesterday when I was driving I noticed two accidents. One, I'm not sure of-I just noticed that the main road was completely blocked off with police cars so I had to go an alternate route (usually means a fatality-so I'm REALLY hoping it was just road work or something) and then when I was driving my friend home we noticed a police car with his lights stopped in the road, when I was heading back home there was a few more cops and other emergency vehicals.

CrAzY Working Mom said...

Seeing a cop turn on blue lights behind me makes me say the F word too...I hate that! Glad it wasn't for you.