Friday, January 15, 2010

Don't Need No Short Short Man

I'm writing this post remotely so I'm not quite sure which picture will post first-but I laughed this morning when I woke up and looked at my nightstand. It looks like I am having a love affair with the world's smallest man. This is not the case-this is a finger condom, as we called them in culinary school. I've been having trouble getting some dry skin to heal so the doctor suggested I keep it wrapped at night. This is what I use to keep the lotion on...but left on the nightstand, it looks rather funny, I think.

Anyway, it made me chuckle when I woke up. I assure you that while some of the men I've been with have been less than...large...this thumb size would not do.

Enough information for a Friday? :)

The other picture is how I am wearing my hair today. I decided to give myself a treat last night after cooking and I bought myself a new hairdryer. This one has a diffuser, which helps my wavy hair problem on days I do not want to straighten it. Trouble is, the diffuser takes just as long. But I really like the outcome. I added a few curls with the iron, too, to give that beachy look that's sort of popular these days. So far, I've gotten 4 compliments on how it looks today-and I've only been here 24 minutes. (I also bumped into the hot guy on my floor-score!)

Do you have any fun plans for the long weekend (if you have a long weekend). Tonight I am going out for dinner and drinks in Boston. Then I have nothing planned until Monday when I'm hosting a brunch. I am going to try my hardest not to do anything except I already know I have to do laundry, dishes and fold clothes. I also want to finish the painting once and for all-but that's an hour job, tops. But after that-nothing!

I know I'm kidding myself...but truthfully, I really need to slow myself down. Happy Friday!!!!!


Lois Grebowski said...

That's sexy hair! YOU GO GURL!
"Brown chicken brown cow!"

:: tee hee ::

LceeL said...

I like your hair. You are purdy.

Bond said...

Hair looks grand today chica...

AND there you go again with the short guy stuff...



G.W. said...

Your hair looks great, and you look really happy. It's a good look on you.

CrAzY Working Mom said...

*LOL* I thought you didn't like midgets...or was it just bald people?

Cute hair!!!

Mags said...

Aw, thanks everyone. :) I did really like my hair today! For the full effect, you should click on the photo to biggify'll be like you're really talking to me! :)

katherine. said...

your hair looks great like that.

and the nightstand...funny.