Friday, December 04, 2009

And It's Not Even Wednesday...

Apparently free or cheap furniture is not in my future.  Last night I was supposed to pick up the bed frame but I got horribly lost.  That window of opportunity was very small and I blew it.  Thanks to Morgen though, I have a tip that WalMart might sell them at an affordable price, so I'll go check that out this weekend.  I'll also go to IKEA to buy some chairs too.  My search for a free or cheap table will continue.  In addition, I'll be priming and painting my dining room and hopefully painting all of the trim white.  I'll take before and after pictures.  I think it's going to be quite dramatic and when it's done I think it'll look great.
I hate people who don't commit (in general) but I really hate people who won't accept an invitation until they find out if something or someone better comes along.  News flash-I am the someone better. (JK)  But really-either you want to come or you don't-just reply.  This is especially frustrating when said person is the one who sent the invite and then won't confirm once you yourself commit.  I just think this is extremely rude and inconsiderate.
This is turning into a randomivity post and it's not Wednesday.
I am sick of hearing about Tiger Woods.  People just talk and talk and talk about the same thing for weeks until something better (hey-is this a theme?!) comes along.  I rode to work in silence today because I could not stand to hear every station talk about how many women he cheated with and why he did it. 
Tonight I am going to see my friend Danny's play, "An Ideal Husband" by Oscar Wilde.  He is the Artistic Director for Bad Habit Productions and I must say, he's amazingly talented.  Every time I go to see one of his shows, I am blown away.  He has a way of putting a spin on classic tales and it just blows my mind every time.  And the actors they cast...just as amazing.  When I first saw a show put on by BHP I could not believe that I was seeing community theater.  The talent is just out of this world and I often remark to my friends that I can not believe these people are not famous or on Broadway.  Lucky for us, they are still here and Danny and his team scoop them up to perform for us.  Needless to say, I'm psyched for tonight.
I updated my Facebook page to say that I was going to see "An Ideal Husband" tonight and one of my friends' husbands commented that since I was coming to see him tonight he'd have to cancel his plans.  Funny man.
I had a very long, sad dream last night.  It was confusing and conflicting just like the situation in real life has been and I woke myself up several times to try to stop it but the dream just came back each time.  Starting my day like that is not fun.  It's harder to live in the moment when things cycle through my brain because of a dream.  For the most part, I'm doing well and I'm looking forward to making the shrink smile tomorrow because I won't be crying.  At least that's my hope.  I am still in the hate phase though.  I want to move past that.
Pretty colored post it notes make me smile.  That is all for today.  Live long and prosper.  Peace out, goodbye.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Running Late

Today did not start out well.  In addition to me being super tired for some reason (and therefore not able to get up on time) I woke up to a leak in my ceiling.  The archway between the living room and dining room seems to have a leak and so I spent a good amount of the morning cleaning up.  Which of course, made me late getting into the shower and then doing my hair and of course, I could not find anything to wear considering it's 60 frickin' degrees here!  *sigh*  The rest of the day should be better....right?
My father's Christmas present was delivered yesterday.  It wasn't on his list, but I know he'll like it.  He's been taking online classes at a certain music school here in MA and so I got him a sweatshirt from the bookstore.  I picked the same one that I see all of the on campus students wearing on the T so I know it's a good one. :)
I am not getting the dining room set.  I was going to rent a van to pick it up but then realized I have no help getting it up my stairs.  Unfortunately the girl can't hold it until Saturday when I would have help, so I have to let it go.  I'm so bummed.  $30 was a steal for this the search continues.  I think I might go to some used furniture stores this weekend to check them out.  They sometimes have delivery for a small fee, so that would solve all of the problems I'm having.  As long as I have something (at least chairs) by the 18th which is when my party is-I'll be fine.  Luckily it's not a sit down dinner.  That would be quite the dilemma.
Last night I signed into my etsy shop and saw that I had a repeat customer.  I've had several friends (thank you!) order multiple times, but this person is a stranger to me.  Not that my friends would order the stuff if it stunk, but having a stranger come back to a random shop to buy my cakes is pretty cool.  Luckily, I have all of the ingredients in the house and I don't have to work tonight so I can send it off tomorrow!  (BTW-do you need to send a rum cake, lemon cake, cupcakes or cookies to a friend for the holiday season?  Go check the shop out!)
That is all for now.  Talk amongst yourselves and play nice.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Every now and then I Google my name to see if anything crazy comes up. Yesterday I found 2 links to this blog using my real name, which is NOT cool. Luckily at least one of them has been removed. I also found out that I was in the university newsletter last month. My bio is there and everything. Sure wish someone told me!

I am starting over. Last night before bed I cleared out my Google Reader. Today I am going to start being a better blog friend and I'll try to click over to comment more often. I'll also start responding to comments here again. I can't do it from work though, so it'll be at night, but it is a start.

It's funny to watch Bella inspect the heaters when they come on with a loud clank.

I finally found a free bed frame and will be picking it up tomorrow! bed will not sit on the ground and I can use the underneath for storage!! And it's free. :)

I also found a dining room table and 4 chairs for $30. I have to rent a truck b/c I don't know anyone with a truck or SUV (who is free on Friday) but it's still significantly cheaper than buying one. I'll purchase 2 chairs for a set of 6 and paint it so it all flows together. SO excited!!!

There's a cute boy who works in my general area and when he goes to get water or coffee I get to smile at his cute little face. I think he's taken though, but it's fun to look.

I have a window in my shower-which I detest. It's frosted but I often worry that people can see in. I have a little curtain up, but it's not enough. Luckily my neighbor was showering in his bathroom last night and I got to see how the frost works...I couldn't see feature but I could see flesh colored skin and his outline. Definitely time to get blackout curtains for that sucker!

It's nice to have friends who email you to say they miss you and they want to get together soon. I've never really had that. People who miss me and actually tell me. It's nice.

I know this is weird, but I love the way my Bella smells. She's getting so big too. I love her.

Frank (my neighbor who likes to get freaky with his wife while I'm trying to sleep) rolled down his car window yesterday morning to say hello and to see how I was doing. It is nice to have neighbors who talk to you...but at the same time, I'm kind of antisocial and when I see them I want to sometimes turn around.

Only 16 more days until my party. I. Am. So. Excited!!! What's neat to me is that I have friends from all over coming-different stages in my MA life all coming together. I know I've said this before, but I'm so very happy I moved to Boston! I've never had so many friends and such an active social life.

I stole a pickle yesterday and it was good.

I once wrote a speech about pickles.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And So It Begins...

It's SNOW time!!

I know most of you hate me for loving snow...but you know what? I don't care. :)

Toosdae ?'s

Happy Toosdae everyone! Did you survive your first day back to work yesterday? It's hard to go back after a long weekend, no? I'm still in the "honeymoon stage" of my job, so I didn't mind so much, but it was still hard to wake up early! Take a break (for goodness sake!) from your day today and answer some Toosdae questions...

1. I love the smell of skunks, home improvement stores and dry erase markers. What weird smells do you like that "normal" people don't?

2. What do you put in your deviled eggs?

3. When was the last time something embarrassing happened to you? Care to share what it was?

1. See above...skunks, home improvement stores and dry erase markers...

2. I don't make them often mainly because not many people I know eat enough of them to make it worth it, but I put mayo, a touch of mustard, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I don't do this but I love onions, horseradish or pickles in it too. (Now I want a deviled egg!)

3. Last night in the parking lot of Home Depot. My belly didn't feel too good and it was making weird noises, just as a hot guy walked past me to get into his car. I know he heard it because he looked over and chuckled. Needless to say, I sped away very quickly.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Baking Soda & Vinegar

I would like to know why there are so many assholes in the world. Does anyone know? Because sometimes I just want to punch people in the face, ya know? Today I worked a double because The Dad is away and they asked if I could work Mon-Wed this week instead of Tues-Thurs. This actually worked out better for me as I have plans on both Thursday and Friday night so I said yes. Anyway...

I decided on a paint color for the dining room:

I forget what it's called, but I bought it at Home Depot. They offer 3 kinds of paint there-Behr, the "new" Behr and Glidden. I've always used the Behr but thought I would see if Glidden was less expensive (it is) so I picked out colors from both. At the paint counter (where I waited for about 10 minutes without anyone there-lots of HD employees walked by ignoring the fact that I was waiting.) I asked the guy (who finally showed up after I stopped someone to ask for help) if Glidden was OK paint. He asked what I was using it for and I told him my dining room. He shrugged and said it was OK but Behr has a better reputation. He said it in kind of a snotty tone so I was sort of put off by what he said. I asked if the paint would peel off the walls or something or was it good enough. I don't even remember what he said because he made it seem like I was the stupidest person alive for asking questions. Knowing that I've used WalMart paint before and had good results I went with the Glidden. He wasn't happy about that. Maybe he would have gotten a bonus if I bought Behr? Who knows...but his customer service was horrible.

Before he started mixing the paint he told me to go "over there" to get brushes and rollers. I told him I already had them, but thank you...he said, "You can't possibly have everything."

Excuse me? Why not? Because I asked if a certain paint was OK? I don't understand why you think I "can't possibly" have everything I need minus the paint.

I let it go. Mainly because while he was talking he allowed my paint to overflow. He must have punched in too many numbers or something because the can looked like a 5th grade science project (volcano). I took a small bit of pleasure watching him try to move that can without spilling the mess all over.

I then asked his advice (I don't know why I bothered) about whether I should paint the white trim first or the red walls first. He looked at me (again) like I was the stupidest person alive and said, "I'd rather have you paint the red wall first. You'll mess up the trim if you do that first."

This is when I wanted to drop an "F' bomb on him, but I did not. I was tired and at this point, grumpy and my tummy was starting to hurt so I just took my paint and primer and went on my way. It's the last time I'll shop at that Home Depot. Which is a shame, because it's on my way home and also, I have more paint to buy.

Busy Bee

Friday I managed to get a lot of shopping done. The crowds were not at all crazy but the stores were much busier than normal. The lines were insane but they did a great job of funneling us through. The most I waited was about 5 minutes. I went to Kohls and got my mother's Christmas gift purchased, a pretty candle for myself and one of my sisters Christmas gifts too. At Target all I got was my microwave-for $24! It's a small one, but it's perfect for me and the price was right. Later that evening I went to IKEA where I got 6 wine glasses for $2. I got 2 sets. They are not the big glasses I usually like, but for my party in December I'll need quite a few, and this was perfect. I also got a lamp for my living room, which I really needed.

Overall, it was a very successful Friday.

Saturday my Mom, Dad and niece went out for lunch and then-shopping! I managed to find my Christmas cards and this years wrapping paper but did not succeed in getting anything I really wanted-decorations for my party. But at least I'm all set for cards. Later that night I met a friend for dinner before heading home. I like to leave late at night during the holiday season b/c less people travel. It was a good idea, because I did not hit any traffic.

Yesterday I unpacked the rest of my boxes (with the exception of the ones in my office-those will stay packed until I get a desk.). I broke them all down and put them outside for trash today. I also put lots of things in their place including all of my formal china. That has not been out of boxes in the 2 years I've been in MA, so I'm excited I have a place to put it now. Overall, my entire apartment is pretty much put together now! I still don't have any art up yet mainly because I'm going to be painting the kitchen (green) and the dining room (red) and the trim (white) and I don't know which pictures will go where. I also have a weird wall set up and most of my things don't work here. Which means I'll be looking for some new art for my walls sometime in the near future.

I had quite a productive day yesterday, wouldn't you say? It feels good to walk around without boxes everywhere. I'm excited for the next stage-decorating and then entertaining. I do really love this apartment-even with its quirks (like no outlets or light switches). So far, it was a good decision. I do miss the city, but the parking space makes that better. :) And it's always just a short ride away...