Friday, November 20, 2009

Good News

The other day my boss hosted a lunch for a group of faculty in our school. It's basically so that different departments can get to know each other and so that he, the head of the school, can put a face with a name. It's a pretty big deal to get asked to lunch with him and so I try to make it as nice as possible-well, as nice as ordering sandwiches and salads can be.

In any case, this one in particular my boss's EA (I'm his AA) contacted the faculty and asked them to RSVP to him with any dietary restrictions they might have. As he got the RSVP's he forwarded me the emails so I knew who was coming and what they could or could not eat. One of the girls in the office offered to make table tents with each of the professors names and so I asked the EA to give me a final list of those coming, which he did.

The day of the lunch people filed in as I matched the special lunches with the name tents. One professor had lunch but no name tent and one had a name tent but no lunch. This is a big deal b/c we order from off campus and well, it makes us look disorganized. I was worried my boss would freak out after lunch because he offered his lunch to the one person who was without.

While the lunch was going on, the EA and I tried to figure out what happened. At first we thought that the lady w/o the table tent did not RSVP but we knew that wasn't the case b/c she had her special lunch. Basically what happened is that she called him instead of emailed him which is why he did not have a "paper" trail. When he sent the list, she was not on it and because I was only looking at the number of people on the list, I did not catch it. We were both to blame. Surprisingly, my boss was not at all phased. In fact-and here's where the title comes in-he came over to me and said, "You seem to really have picked up the job quickly. Usually when people first start there's a rough period, but you seem to have it down pat."

Wow. Coming from him-someone who is notoriously harsh (though I have not seen it) this is huge. And also, he said it in front of the whole office, which was also nice. Here I was thinking he was going to freak out about lunch and he goes and gives me a huge compliment. The next day, he emailed me and told me again that I was doing a great job and he thanked me for joining them.

That made me smile.

In other good news, I had my doctor's appointment tonight. I was a little nervous about it because I didn't want to open up and feel bad for the rest of the weekend-especially not this weekend. But he is very easy to talk to and he asked me lots of questions which helped me tell my story. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start, but he prompted me and we got on with the session. The good news is that though I did cry, I feel good. He confirmed a few things I was having trouble with and the best news of all is that he said I can be fixed easily. (He didn't use those words.) He acknowledged that growing up the way I did probably has something to do with why I gravitate toward men with broken wings and why I stay in relationships that are not fulfilling. He then gave me some suggestions about ways to cope with the feelings I have and how to redirect the memories that make me sad. I have another appointment with him after Thanksgiving. It feels good to attack the feelings/problems head on. Somehow even though I still feel badly, I feel like I'm actively trying to kick sadness in the ass. Ya know?

I have a big exciting day tomorrow. First, I get my front tooth fixed. It's been chipped since elementary school (but filled in so you couldn't tell) and it slowly started wearing away this year. I did not have dental insurance so I couldn't get it fixed, but now I can and I'm super excited b/c I'm self conscious about it now. After that, I'll head over to Trader Joe's to pick up some wine (a friend suggested a couple of good ones for the party and I want to try them before I buy them) and then to my massage. Last, I'll meet my work friends for dinner and go to the show.

It'll be a great day. And Sunday, the actual Anniversary of Me (the shrink thought that was funny-in a good way) will be spent getting my home together and relaxing.

And now, I am going to relax in my new fuzzy robe with a nice cuppa tea. Love to you all!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bella Boo

Some of you have asked for recent photos of my Bella but honestly, it's quite impossible to get her to sit still long enough to capture one. Since moving to the larger place, she's running around playing constantly-which is nice to see. It's not at all close to being a great video, but you get a little bit of an idea of how much she's grown already. Sorry the light is not the best-I need more lamps.

This weekend is a busy one for me and also, a very special one. This weekend (Sunday) is the 5th anniversary of me. My celebration will start on Saturday afternoon. I'm treating myself to a massage-which is much needed after the move. Saturday night it will continue with new friends, dinner and a show. Though they won't know that it's a special weekend, the fact that they exist in my life is a true testament to me being free. Sunday I will have a special post, so come on over if you'd like to help me celebrate my freedom.

Just a Post

The Dad was home last night and he wasn't supposed to be.  This excited me, not because he's so fun to be around, but because it meant I didn't have to stay to read after dinner.  (I like doing it, but this week is rough.)  Because I got out a full 2 hours earlier than usual, I took the opportunity to go to Target, which is just down the street from where they live.  I got some much needed items and made my way back home.
I really like going home.  Even though my stuff is in boxes, I really like it there.  It feels more like a home because well, it is one.  I have so much more space-in fact, I haven't even gone into the spare room much (mainly because I have no office furniture or lights for the space yet).  This weekend I'll set up my kitchen too, so that'll feel better.  I got myself an extension chord for my appliances and will set 'em up on the counter so they are ready to use.  I just don't want to use up all the counter space, which is why another outlet would be nice, but we'll see.
The other day my neighbor, Frank, told me that the "rubbish is on Monday".  I heard "rubber shoes on Monday."  I didn't know what this meant and was very confused so I asked, "What does that mean, rubber shoes?"  He laughed and repeated that "RUBBISH is on Monday."  Every time I think of this, I get the giggles.
I had a really good day yesterday.  In the morning I held the door for someone while getting coffee and he said, "Thank you pretty girl."  and later at Whole Foods I was paying for my salad and the cashier said, "You smell REALLY GOOD."  Now, I know I smell good, but it's really rare that someone tells me, so it was nice.
Tomorrow the crew from the office is having breakfast again.  I'm torn whether or not I want to go.  On one hand it's breakfast and it's with new friends on the's early.  And I've been extra tired this week.  I am going out with all of them on Saturday night for dinner and a play, so it wouldn't be so bad to skip out on tomorrow.  I guess I'll have to see how I feel.
I am also having a holiday housewarming party.  I was on the fence about whether or not I could or would do it but I really want to be a hostess.  I want my house filled with happy, full people and I want to be in the kitchen cooking yummy stuff for them.  I think I'll pull out my chocolate fountain too.  Maybe make a special holiday chocolate mixture, I'm not sure.  The thing is-I have no dining room table yet.  I do have a card table, which seats 6, so I'll use that and put a pretty table cloth and centerpiece on it.  Because I will be getting a table at some point, I think I'll go buy some chairs.  They are less expensive b/c I'll get them at IKEA, but at least people will be able to sit at the table if they want.
I'm really quite excited.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My wireless router still does not talk to my computer. Which really stinks. When I called for help, they told me I'd have to pay them $40. I have an email into my friend who works with computers. Hopefully he can help because my back hurts from sitting on the floor (the wire is really short).

I still can't believe it. It is weird not to talk.

The heat in my apartment did not work yesterday so I emailed the landlord. He wrote back and told me to call the oil company. Is that weird? I rent for a reason...

The oil company, however, is super nice. They even let me be on the payment plan so I only pay a certain amount a month...even though my credit is not great yet and even though I am a new customer.

Bella is adjusting really well. She's never been more hyper. She also has never seen herself until now and she tries to fight with her reflection. It's actually quite hysterical.

I love when the students come into the office to speak with my dean. They're so sweet.

I'm going to a musical with the people from work on Saturday. I'm pretty excited about it.

Friday is my doctor's appointment. I'm pretty excited about that too.

I finally got laundry done and put away my clothes. Only 743 boxes left to unpack. :) been asking for pictures. I have a few but remember that I am still unpacking...I'll post more as I get everything put away. But for now, this gives you an idea.

Hallway next to 2nd bedroom and back entrance. I'm going to fill it with cookbooks...

View to the kitchen from that hallway. My table for 2 will be on the left...where my green coat is.

Door on the left is the dining room, straight ahead is the front hallway and that door off of that is the living room.

Front hallway stairs. I'm not going to use them often, so Bella has her litter down there and she plays down there too.
Living room. Door on the right (barely in the picture) is the porch.
Doorway ahead is a HUGE closet for storage...aka, my attic.

Dining room, as viewed from the living room.

All of the boxes I've emptied so far. :)

Bathroom. I am painting that medicine cabinet this weekend to update it.

My bedroom. Bad picture, I know, but it's small. :)

There is one more bedroom, but there is no light in there so I didn't take a photo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Toosdae ?'s

It was questionable whether or not I'd get these up today, but there's a lull in the day now so I thought I'd try to post them.  I'm trying my hardest to get back into the routine of my life-the one I had before I got laid off, before my heart was broken and I lost a friend and before my confidence in my self worth was shaken.  I'm getting there, and doing little things like posting when I used to post helps.  So, help me get back on my feet again by answering the questions. :) 
1.  When was the last time you were the recipient of a random act of kindness or the kindness of a stranger.
2.  When was the last time you did something nice for someone without them knowing?  If you'd like to share what that act was, please do.
3.  What is one thing you can do today that will positively impact someone you interact with on a regular basis?
1.  A significant amount of people have been very kind to me lately, and for that I am grateful.  The last act of kindness that I was a recipient of was on Sunday, when the moving guys did not charge me extra for hoisting my sofa and box spring over the balcony.
2.  Sadly I can not think of any time in the last year that I have done something nice without the person knowing.  I used to wipe off the snow from co-workers cars at night if I got to the parking lot first, but that was a while ago.  I do nice little things for people when I can though and will have to work on getting back into the habit of helping more people.
3.  It sounds little, but one of the girls I work with gets very wrapped up in the details of the job.  She has trouble getting many things done in a timely manner and it's only because she can't make decisions quickly.  I learned this very early on.  What I've started doing is taking over some of the paperwork that she did.  I also take it upon myself to order lunch for weekly meetings which is something she did before I got here.  It might be little, but it seems to help her out and that was my goal.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Tonight after work I went to my old place for the last time. I had to paint that kitchen wall and clean up. The plan was to use the washing machines in the basement while I painted. I haven't done laundry in a while and in a couple of days, I'll run out of fresh undergarments. When I got to the apartment I went downstairs right away. When I walked in, I saw a pile of household items, most of which were mine and most of which I put there. However, there was one item that I did NOT put there and I thought that the manager went into my apartment and took the things I left in there out. I ran back to my car, dropped off my laundry and went right up.

It was just a coincidence that the candelabra was the same one that I left in the apartment. Someone was in the apartment, however because they left paint in there. Anyway, the point is, I did not do laundry and I am screwed b/c I work doubles for the next 3 days.

Moving on...I painted the wall, but not to the best of my ability. They might end up charging me and I'm not sure that I could blame them. I might get away with it though-it's more clean now than it was when I moved in, so...who knows.

Anyway, as I shut the light off and closed the door, I got a little choked up. Not because I don't really like the new place-because I do-but because I really loved living there and it was my first place in Boston. I pulled away with a good feeling though, and when I got home, I was happy. I still wish I could find some things and wish it were all put away, but I love all of the space I have and I think I'm going to make some really great memories here.

The Old Apartment

I'm sleepy today.  It's been a loooooong week and yesterday it all came to an end.  Well, sort of-I still have to unpack!  This weekend I did the final push and got everything packed up.  At around 9am yesterday morning, the movers came and took all of the boxes out in about 1 hour.  It's funny how 3 men can move things so quickly and yet it took me about 2 weeks to pack all the crap up!  The total move out took about 2 1/2 hours.  It would have been less but at the last minute the elevator broke, and they had to walk things down 5 flights of stairs.  I felt horrible.  I also felt weird just sitting there watching them move my stuff.  After they'd move things I'd run behind them and sweep and clean up a bit, but I was still pretty much just sitting there feeling weird.
Once we got to the new place, I knew that there were going to be some problems.  First, the front stairway has a sloped ceiling-like there is another stairway up to an attic.  This caused trouble with my box spring.  The guys lifted that over the balcony no problem and we moved on.  As the day went on, their projected tip grew bigger and bigger.  The hours grew and the work they had to do got harder.  The sofa was the tipping point-they had to hoist it up which in itself was a one point this tiny little man was hold it mid-air while the other ran around and up into the apartment.  They then tried getting it through the door...they must have switched positions 5 or 6 times before they took the door off.  Even after that, it was hard to get it in there.  When they finally did, they were sweaty and tired and I felt horrible.  They each ended up with a hefty tip.
So everything is in.  My cable works but my phone and internet do not.  I think I know what the trouble is though, and when I get home tonight I'm going to try to fix it.  So far, I really like it there.  I've noticed that there are very little electrical outlets, which I did not check for, for some reason.  I'm going to ask the landlord if  he can pay to have one or two put in.  If he doesn't, I'll just suck it up and do it myself b/c the lack of plugs-especially in the kitchen-is going to kill me.
I slept well-perhaps because I was so tired, but I wasn't freaked out or anything, which is good.  The only snafu I had so far was the shower curtain fell down, but luckily it was right after I was done showering.  I'm not sure what I'll do about it, but hopefully it was just the way I put it up and not a major malfunction.
Tonight I have to drive over to my old place and paint the last wall, clean up and do laundry.  I'll start searching the web for a used washer so that I don't have to lug my stuff anymore, but for now, it's the laundromat for me!   (Well, the basement of my old place tonight). 
If I fix the interent tonight when I get home, I'll take some pictures.
PS. If this post doesn't make sense, I'm sorry...I'm really tired!!