Friday, November 06, 2009

A Randomivity Post of Sorts...on Friday

I wrote a letter to my landlord yesterday asking him for 24 hours notice when a realtor was going to show my apartment.  He wrote back saying that he'd just take my apartment off of the list and would not show it until I was out.  Today my apartment-pictures and all-are posted again by the realtor.  The horrifying thing is that he took pictures of my place when it was a wreck-there are dishes piled high, clothes on the bed and the living room is horrible.  Why would he do that?
What should I do?  I don't want to be a pest but at the same time, I really want privacy while I am moving.  Especially tomorrow.  I'll want to sleep in a bit and lounce in my PJ's sans bra with bedhead hair.  I won't be able to do that b/c realtors might show up.  *sigh* 
Last night I had to run home before cooking so as you can imagine I was in a huge rush.  Of course I ran into 5 o'clock traffic which made me pretty tense.  But, just as I was about to enter a major intersection, I saw a guy get hit by a car.  He was on his bike and he flew over the minivan and landed on the ground.  Luckily he was OK, just a little shaken up, but the minivan tried to drive away!  Someone called out-"Don't let him leave-get his plate number!" and without thinking, I pulled my car in front of him so he could not leave.  I don't know what makes me do these stupid things.  If he hit me, I would have been hurt badly as he was on my driver side.  Someone ran over and started to tell the cops his plate number, so I drove away.  I didn't how he actually got hit-truth be told, I think it was the bikers fault...but the fact that the van was trying to drive away just got to me and I guess that's why I reacted without thinking.  Such an idiot!!
Naturally I was late to cook dinner.  They understood and were fine with it, thankfully.  But here's another story about The Dad.  The night before I made brownies and they were horrible.  The recipe was way off and looking back I see why they didn't work.  In any case, I felt badly so I went home that night and baked more with a recipe I already knew.  I did this at 10pm because I really wanted The Girls to have a special dessert.  When I walked in with the plate, The Mom was ever so grateful, like she always is.  She made a point of telling The Dad that I made them late at night just for them.  So he knew this...
After dinner he said, " can either have a brownie OR a S'MORE!"  Of course being that it was the first fire in their fireplace of the year, and c'mon, who would turn down a s'more? they chose the s'more.  The Mom asked in a low voice, "Why would you do that?  She made those brownies for us last night."  So he said that I shouldn't worry because they'll eat the brownies this weekend.  Fucker.
This morning I met my office mates and a few others that work on campus for breakfast.  It was nice to hang out with them and to share stories, but I think next time I'm going to pass on breakfast.  I'm not really a morning person and especially after 3 days of doubles I was tired...and it was in a square that's pretty busy, so it was hard to get to.  Still, it was fun and the food was yummy, so it was worth it.
Tonight I'm going to the new apartment to measure the windows and to assess the cleaning needs.  None of the windows have blinds (which is weird, no?) so I have to get blinds for at least my bedroom, the kitchen (there's a house right next door that can see in) and the dining room.  The guest bedroom/office will have to wait.  But that's a lot of money that I don't have right now gone down the drain!  I also have to get paint for my old apartment.  If I don't paint over the colors I added I'll be charged and won't get my full deposit back.  So I'd rather pay $20 to get cheap paint than hundreds because they had to do it.  I'm secretly hoping that someone comes in to rent the place and asks that I don't paint it back....but I'm not that lucky!!
I have one order to fulfill this weekend-lemon cake, a very good, it's going to be a very busy weekend.  No rest for the weary, as they say.  Though I think that's a weird saying, don't you?  Anyway, have a great Friday and an even better weekend....

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I Get It!

I'm writing this via email, so I apologize in advance if the formatting is off...
I love work and am so grateful that I am no longer unemployed.  But I do have a gripe, and please don't take it as me being's just that, no one likes the man I support.  In the office, it's kind of a joke.  In fact, on the entire floor it's a joke and when he's not here people talk about him.  Yesterday was kind of a big deal, in my mind at least.  He was on the platform in NY when the closing bell rang.  And, I'm sorry, but not everyone gets to do that.  It's cool and it's awesome that he represented the school.  I don't care if you don't like him.  It's awesome.
Everyday one girl in particular makes jokes about it and it just started getting to me.  He's away on business right now and she asked where he was.  I told her that he was doing development work and she replied, "Oh, is he now?"  I replied in a normal tone, "Yes, he is."  That seemed to shut her up a bit, but really-you don't like him, but he does a lot for the school, and is very, very smart.  Perhaps if you dropped your attitude, you'd see that he's just very socially awkward and that he's really not a bad person.
I know I've only been here a few weeks, and I am sure I'll see some of what they are talking about.  But so far he's been very nice, asks with pleases, says thank you, and makes jokes.  He's not the greatest, but he's not as horrible as they make him out to be.  And really, I'm just sick of hearing them-the one girl in particular-complain about him.
I get it, you hate him.   Shut it, already.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


This is a good example of how a college football announcer fell victim to poor wording: "Just about every one of these ladies was touched by Jasper." Better choice, "Jasper touched the lives of every one of these ladies." But that's not as amusing.

Men say that getting hit in the penis is one of the most painful things ever. And yet when they see it happen to other men, they usually get hysterically with laughter. I don't get it.

I love that my office has single bathrooms (instead of a row of stalls) but it brings up the smelly bathroom, "It wasn't me" issue. Unless I have to go really, really badly, I walk out of a smelly room for fear that my boss will be waiting to go in next and will think it's me.

There is a very fine line between being helpful and being a know it all. Unfortunately I have come into contact with a know it all and it's not fun.

I made my rum cake for work the other day and people from across campus came to taste it because they heard it was so good. My boss came in the following day and cheerfully exclaimed that he was so happy to see that there was a piece left and that he thought about it the whole drive in. That's nice to hear.

Lots of people at the university say, "That way there..." Like, "Do this, that way there you'll get this." It's weird and I hate it.

Someone who shouldn't say, "It ain't no thang" says it and I want to tell them to stop, but I can't. Because I'm new. And people think I'm nice.

One of the provosts came to tell me that she heard I was nice and wanted to meet me. Very cool that words is spreading. Another reason I can't shoot the "ain't no thang" thing down.

My Bella's getting so big. And she's got such a cute and lovable personality. She also is very comfy in the apartment which makes me happy, and sad. I'll have to move her just as she feels comfy.

My new ring (from the fair) has now become a wish ring. The 4 year old told me it looks like a dandelion and I told her to close her eyes, make a wish and blow on the ring. Now it's our little secret. I love it.

I was sad driving home last night but then heard the dj say, "My buttangatang" and I cracked up. It was the kind of crack up that only a few people know-the kind that keeps coming and I can't stop no matter how hard I try. I almost had to pull over. I don't know why it hit me as being so funny, but who cares. Buttangatang is hysterical.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Toosdae ?'s

Is anyone else dragging this week? I still don't think I'm used to working. Every night I've been going to sleep around 9:30/10:00. Which is WAY early for me. I'll adjust, I'm sure..but wow!! I've been sleepy...

1. When you open a fresh bottle of Tylenol do you throw away the cotton or stuff it back in after taking the meds?

2. If you could take any college level course for free, what would you take and why?

3. When you travel, do you have specific airlines and hotels you must use? Will you stray from these or decide not to travel if you can't use them?

1. I throw it away...I used to keep it but it just frustrates me so I get rid of it right away.

2. I'm not sure. I'm trying to figure this out now. I can take classes for free and I am figuring out if I want to do that and what I would take if I did.

3. No, I don't. I usually try to find the best deal with flights (though I'm used to flying Delta b/c they have lots of flights to places I usually go) and hotels vary.

Monday, November 02, 2009


Today, when the sun went down earlier than we're used to and the clock seemed to drag ("it's really 5 o'clock right now.") I was hit with the fact that time goes on. No matter what.

And it's not like I never knew this because obviously I did. But today, it just seemed so...clear. Life goes on and on and on. Hair grows, pounds drop, glasses break. Addresses change. People move on. And people are replaced.

I hate being left behind. It's one of my biggest fears and it's a downfall of mine.. I hate being left out or forgotten and every time a relationship ends, I feel left behind. I wonder why I wasn't good enough and why I wasn't allowed to share space with that person anymore. Everything is changing. But the hole isn't healing.

I miss him. And I am still so sad that he didn't care enough about me to realize how deeply he was hurting me. And that I was so replaceable. I feel so gypped, so silly for still being sad.

I don't go through the day sad anymore. I don't think about him first thing in the morning or before bed every night. But I miss him during stupid little times like when I hear a funny story that I know he'll mock or when I pass traffic from a football game I know he went to. And I remember things that he did with me that he didn't do with his other friends and I am sad that those things didn't make me special to him. I was just a friend, not special.

The book said not to have any contact with him for 60 days and that after those 60 days I probably won't want to talk to him anyway. It's been just about that long since I hung up the phone and I still feel the hurt when I really, really think about it.

Life moves on. With or without me. And I have to learn to not care so much about that.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

It Has Begun

It has begun...

I have the keys but I don't officially move in (and start paying) until the 15th. I'm happy, sad, excited and a little nervous too. I don't like that I can't say I live "in" Boston anymore but really, it's not a big deal. I very rarely go "downtown" anymore now that I have a life here and the location I am moving to has a great little street of shops and restaurants within walking distance.

I can paint. I'll make it home. It'll be good.

I'm hiring movers. :) Now that I don't have a strong man to help me move, I thought I'd treat myself. My father can't lift really heavy things and truth be told, I can't take another move with my mom and dad fighting with each other. I do have male friends here in Boston, but I don't really feel comfortable asking them to haul my stuff. So, I'll get 3 strong men and 1 truck and they'll do all of the work. It'll be fantastic.

It really feels like I'm starting over in my city again-except this time I have a big base of friends who care about me here and who are eager to come eat in my new dining room. :)

And now, I'm off to pack a few more things before I relax for the night.

Signing in the Rain

I'm not sure what the landlord's policy is on lease signing, so today I may or may not be signing one. (There might be a waiting period for a background and credit check.) But I'm bringing a check to make a deposit on this:

That's the living room on the left and the photo is taken from the dining room. Yes-DINING ROOM! I'm so excited that it has this feature-and that it even has a built in china cabinet. I haven't had a dining room and china cabinet since 2003. And boy do I miss those things. I could even put a pretty light in there too, if I wanted.

The kitchen is a good size; not big, but not a closet like I have now. I can put a little table in there for myself and a guest to eat breakfast. There is a full size fridge and stove in there too. And a closet! How good is that?!? No dishwasher though, which I was hoping I'd have this time around, but I'll take the trade off for the dining room.

There are 2 small bedrooms. One is off of the kitchen. I think that one will be my office/guest room (once I get a new mattress). I'll even have a tiny little porch. It looks like I share that with someone, but that's ok. I'll be able to have a tiny grill, which just rocks, really.

Best of all, I'll have a parking space. Off of the street, included in the rent. And I can eventually buy a used washer and dryer and put them in the basement if I wish too. That would so rock.

The only thing that is holding me back is the bathroom. I'm going to ask that it be professionally cleaned, or that the price of a cleaning be taken off of the deposit so I can have it cleaned. It's an older one, and it really shows...

So, maybe the next time I post I'll be a just outside of Boston apartment renter!