Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mafia Wars

I've had some really strong affirmations lately that are helping come to grips with leaving my neighborhood. I told you about the other night and how long it took to find a space after cooking. Last night I had another long run at it but this time, it ended in confrontation and made me nervous.

I was waiting for 2 people to leave when a men in a green car pulled up along side of me as if he was waiting for the space. I turned and told him it was mine and he shook his head in agreement. OK...I wasn't worried. Until he didn't move along. And put his blinker on.

Homie say what?

So I rolled down my window and yelled that they were mine. At this point, he edged forward, so I did too-and I cut his path to the space off. I thought he'd zoom around and move on, like I usually do when people get a spot I want first. But he didn't. Once the people left, he tried to hit my car, then stopped. When I was inside the space, he waited for a few seconds and looked at me. I wrote down the first part of his plate, but he sped off before I could get the rest.

But I felt uncomfortable leaving the car right away, so I waited. I unlocked my phone so I could call the police quickly if I needed to and sat there. Sure enough, a minute or so later he pulled by my car and stopped. I think he was surprised to see me still there though. This gave me the chance to write down the rest of his plate number-and this time he saw me doing it. He sped away again.

About 5 minutes later I got out of the car and walked slowly to my building. I was waiting to see if he'd come back but I didn't see him. Until I got to the door of my building. His car was on the side of the street as if he was waiting for a space-but his blinker was not on. What he was doing, it seemed, was waiting for me to get out of my car. And he was doing this far enough away and on a side of the street that I wouldn't be able to see him when I was in my car.

This freaked the shit out of me. I ran inside and went upstairs to lock my door. Once inside, I changed into jeans and sneakers (I was still in my work clothes) and put my hair up differently (it was in a very distinct up-do yesterday) and went downstairs. I went over to the door to see that he was still waiting there. My guess is that he did not see me get out because I had 3 boxes in my hands and that blocked my face. I'm glad for that, because I'm not sure if he'd confront me or not.

This morning I walked to my car with much trepidation. I was worried the tires would be slashed or the car would be keyed...or a plethora of other bad things would have been wrong. Luckily, none of those things were wrong. When I turned the key though, I held my breath. You know in the movies, when the person thinks they are safe and then they turn the key to their car and it blows up?? Well, that's what I was thinking. Not in a realistic kind of way, but it could happen, right? Right?

Anyway, I'm happy to report I am safe, nothing happened, and by the end of tomorrow I'll know where I am moving.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I'm tired. Very, very tired. I'm slowly getting used to my schedule, but it's taking longer than I thought. I guess I should not be surprised, I was after all, unemployed for 10 months. And now I'm back in the swing of things, and working 3 doubles a week on top of it'll take some adjustment. Don't get me wrong-I am not complaining. I love it. I'm just tired.

In addition, I am searching for an apartment like a madwoman. I've had several appointments during lunches, after work (before cooking) and this weekend. I do think I've found a place but I am going back to see it in the day light. The bathroom is what is holding me back-it's in an old house, so it's an old bathroom. But it has a huge living room, 2 small bedrooms, an OK sized kitchen and...a dining room! Way cool...lots of a cool location outside of the city. We'll see. I have 4 more to see before I sign the check to that guy, so I'm sure I'll have a decision by Sunday. I'm really excited and ready to get out of this neighborhood. I circled for 45 minutes-which translated into about 5 miles (!!) trying to find a parking space tonight. Can you believe that? Imagine how much gas I've wasted searching for a parking spot. What a waste.

Today on my lunch break I went outside and sat on the green. They have these really cool elephant benches that I've sort of claimed as my favorite lunch spot so far. It was such a beautiful day that I decided to take some pictures. It's only the top half of the campus but I thought I'd share some of it with you. It's really quite pretty. Enjoy!

Every night when I walk down the stairs I look out this window and love the way it looks with the lantern and the trees with students walking down the hill. There were people in the room next door so I couldn't take a full view, but this is a good idea of what it looks like.

My sign...and the school mascot. Right outside my building.

One of my favorite shots of the day. I honestly don't know what this building is. I think dorms.

Another one of my favorites. That's my building on the left with the pillars.

Students paint this almost daily in the good weather.


My home

Back of the house

President's House/Lawn

Yeah...I know I'm lucky. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I almost did last night.

I've looked at about 5 apartments now and haven't yet found "the one". I have a lunch appointment today, an after work appointment Friday, and morning appointments on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I'll find it. The apartment today looks great on paper....we shall see.

For the first time in years I have been invited to 2 Halloween parties. I am embarrassed to tell them that I'd love to come but that I can not yet afford a costume.

I've been having very weird dreams about him and his best friend. One involved me taking his best friend to lunch at Wendy's and that somehow lead to him showing up in a top hat and offering me fried clams.

Hopefully that made you smile.

I met a famous tv producer yesterday. He was WICKED nice and down to earth and made a point of coming out to talk to us-the EA's for a while. Which was weird, but also, nice. I was secretly hoping he'd offer us tickets. :)

I ordered and set up a really nice lunch for my boss and the producer. I made it look nice and had everything alright. I did, however, grab the wrong soda for my boss. Of all the things to screw up!

I hope this is not going to be a pattern, I was very bored at work-work-wise. I'm sure when it's busy, it's really busy...

I'm dreaming of a holiday party or a dinner party that I'll be able to throw after I move. It's been so long...

I'm not gonna lie-coming home and taking off your bra is one of life's simple pleasures.

I do not have the money to pay my last month's rent and won't for another week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Boy(s)

The place was very swanky and hip-the kind of place you'd see in movies. It's a place I'd love to go on a real date, for sure. Downtown, dim lighting...the bar was back lit with blue lights and there were low, modern couches in the waiting area. Yes, it was very cool.

Too bad we felt like fools walking into the place. There were already quite a few women standing around, all of whom were thin and pretty. Well, mostly anyway.

There were a few men at the bar-they looked too young to be part of our event though, but while we were waiting there, during those first few minutes, we weren't really rational. Their conversation wasn't very interesting or educated either. Great, we thought...our night is off to a wonderful start.

After getting a glass of wine (they had my new favorite! I think I'll now refer to it as my 'date wine" considering I've had it on 9 dates now. :) we made our way to the back of the restaurant where the event was taking place. The room was full of women, with the exception of one man. It wasn't looking good.

We settled into our seats and chatted while the room filled up with more men. None of them were striking, many of them were awkward and a few of them were downright...weird. I'm not sure why I always think that my male equivalent will be at one of these things, but so far, they never are. "Oh well", I thought. "At least I'll have some good stories."

A few minutes before the event was supposed to start, I looked at the door. "Is that Bobby Flay?" I giggled to my friend. It did, in fact, look like him-so much so that I actually, for one minute-thought it could be him. As he approached though, it was clearly not Bobby-of course it wasn't-but really, for a second, we thought it was.

This man, who turned out to be from South Africa, came to sit with me while we waited for the event to start. I actually thought that he was my first "date" and that's why he was sitting with me, but it turns out, he just came over to say hi. Which was flattering. I took the opportunity to ask him if anyone ever told him he looked like the chef and explained that at least one other girl is going to ask him that. Later, on our "official" date he told me that my friend told him that and he said that I was first. He is my first choice to of men to have a real date with.

The other 2 that I am requesting more time with are ones that I am on the fence about. One of them was the only other "normal" guy. He was very nice and very cute but I know most of my family (sisters excluded) would not approve of him because he is not white. This ultimately does not mean anything to me, it just makes me sad to think that I'd have to talk to them if he was to ever meet them. No matter, he was nice and so I requested a real date.

The third I was going to say no to. He's really quirky. He's the type of guy who wears those black rimmed glasses (think Drew Carey) and came with his shirt untucked. He was funny though and our banter was good. When he learned where I worked his face lit up and he started talking about colleges. He's currently working on a huge alumni project at a school down the street from me and was very excited about it. It was kind of cute. He invited me to come, which I'm sure was only because of his excitement, but he also checked me off on his card, so...we'll see. The thing is, I'm not sure if I am picking him because I liked him or simply because he is working with a college. Also, I think he might be a little young for me, but who knows?

The real anxiety here is waiting to see if these men also requested a date with me. If they did not, I will not get their contact information and I'll be out of luck. If I did not pick someone who did pick me, I will never find out they liked me (which is OK b/c really, they were weird, but still, it'd be nice to know someone picked you.) So, I may not get anything from this night except a good glass of wine and a fun time with my friend.

All of the men knew we were together too. A few of them sat down and immediately asked me if I was her friend. It was a good conversation starter because it allowed us to joke about what he's heard about me & silly stuff like that. But it's also weird that they were talking about me.

There were 2 men I am pretty sure were not heterosexual. One of them had a lazy eye and was bald.

One man picked his teeth the entire time he talked to me. It was, as you can imagine, super sexy.

One man came with a bandaid on his nose and talked like he was in the mafia. You'd think this was a turn on for me (the mafia part, not the bandaid), but it really wasn't. He didn't look at me the entire time and spoke in clipped sentences. I later found out that he told my friend that he liked her boobs. I asked, "Are you sure he didn't say 'boots"?" She was sure. Ick.

Another man sat down and said he liked my hair, asked me if it was my natural color and when I said yes (hey, why should I spoil his enjoyment?!) he toasted to me and my beautiful hair. Later in the conversation he mentioned how much he loved it again and said that the color was beautiful and the way I styled it was gorgeous. He also started the night drinking beer and asked me what I was drinking. During the break, he ordered the very same wine I had. Which was weird.

One man was WAY out of the age range (28-38). He was most likely in his late 40's or early 50's and he dressed very frumpy. He spent his 8 minutes with me asking what online dating sites I have used, are they effective and where can he go to meet women. Seriously dude?

Sadly, there were also men I did not get to talk with. We only had 8 rounds and there were more men than rounds. Also sadly, the few I did not get to meet seemed fairly normal. Oh least I've got some good memories.

One last thing that is weird about this night-I never considered the fact that Jill and I might actually pick the same men and they might pick us too. So we might end up going on a real date with the same men, which is weird. Or worse, we might pick them and they might only pick one of us.

Why does love have to involve so much damn rejection?

Eight Minutes in Heaven...Or Not

I'm getting my date on tonight...

Speed dating. Ugh. My friend Jill and I are on our way to a local trendy bar to meet men. I'm just hoping I don't get humiliated...

I have this picture, by they way, because it's how I see myself "real". Mirrors are deceptive, so I have started taking pictures of myself to see what I look like in an outfit. This one was the least "Oh my God I'm a fat cow" outfit. And also, we'll be sitting for most of the time...

Don't mind the mess in the background. I was in orientation all day today then out looking at apartments.

See you later!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Movin On Up

It's that time again...I've got to start looking for an apartment. As the sun pours into my current apartment and I look out the window at my city, I am a little sad. I love this space. It's quiet, it's clean and it has a ton of character. It's in a super convenient location too, which is the number one reason I decided to stay last year.

But it's a little small and the kitchen is a huge down side. I don't have a desk, which I've come to really miss and I can't have a dinner party because I have no table to dine on....or a space to dine in, for that matter. And then there is the parking....ah, the crappy ass parking which will haunt me for years to come.

Friday night I stayed out late. I knew I'd have some trouble when I got home but thought the trade off would be worth it. When I got to my neighborhood, I was immediately angry. Both major bars had live music-that means that hoards of outsiders come and take my parking spaces and that even more outsiders are circling the blocks with me fighting for the one space that might open. In addition, there are tons of groups walking around, not minding the crosswalks and stop signs or even the sidewalks. Usually no less than 50 taxi's are also circling and when a group approaches them, they'll just stop and wait, leaving me stuck behind them until they feel ready to move.'s time to find a new place to live. Most days I love the environment here and don't mind the college kid mentality that it's all about them...but nights like Friday make me realize that life is way too short to spend 2 hours circling around a block of drunks just so I can go inside to bed. It's time to find a more grown up hood.

But oh how I'll miss this one...