Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Fatal Flaw

I have a huge character flaw. I tend to like people that others don't and think that they are nice and genuine when they are not. It's been a disgusting pattern my entire life. I see the "good" in these people and then I let my guard down and think they like me but later find that the other people were right. I know this, and yet, I always fall into the trap.

My new boss is highly respected on campus but not very well liked. I was told up front that he was difficult and picky and that no one likes him. When I started, I was told his wife is demanding and that she would not care that I did not work for her when she asks me to schedule appointments for her. Her voice is annoying, they said...wait until you meet her, they said.

Well...I'm at it again. So far, I don't mind my boss. I recognize that he's quirky. I see that he can be difficult. But I know this up front. So I guess maybe that's why I am able to see past it initially. Tonight, I met his wife and I have to say, I find her to be very cute. She's not from this country and she is my age (he is in his 60's or 70's). I did not think her voice was annoying.

I expect to get burnt by all of this shortly...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morning View

I've been tired every night when I get home, especially after cooking too. I'll visit you all and post tomorrow night after the event. Unless it goes long...then I'll have to play it by ear.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally, My Update...Kind Of

I'm struggling here about what to write-my job requires a high level of discretion and I handle a ton of confidential information. Plus, I don't really want to come up in searches if people google the school. But...I'll try.

First, it's great. I LOVE the people so far. The job is going to be a challenge only because I'll be in contact with some very heavy hitters, some of which are famous. The man I support, in fact, is a very famous man in the academic world. But it's going to be great. I think I'll do just fine, once I learn all of the deans quirks...

I couldn't have started at a better time-autumn in New England is my favorite and being on a picturesque university campus just feels right. Every night as I walk to my car I am serenaded by the church's bells; it's a lovely way to end the day and a good reminder (not that I need one) to thank God for landing me such a great job.

I so want to tell you the gossip I have learned over the last couple of days, but some of it...well, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be good for me to disclose some of it. Just know, it's fun. :)

Tonight was my first night working and cooking. I got to The Families house in time and it seems like it'll work well. This Thursday I won't be able to cook because there is a lecture after work that we are asked be at-I'm actually really, really excited about it. Not only is it going to be interesting but it'll be a great opportunity for me to meet people.

So, to summarize: I love my job so far, and feel like that love will continue. I'm sorry this update isn't more in depth, but I don't want to jeopardize my position...I'm sure you understand.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Too Tired...

I know I promised that I would give you details, but honestly, I'm exhausted. I realized that today would have been exactly 10 months of being unemployed, but I started work today! How ironic is that start date?

I'll give you more details tomorrow-I really promise-but for now I'll just tell you that I am going to LOVE it there. The people I've met so far are amazing. Thursday night my dean is hosting a lecture and we are going and there is a reception afterward. SO exciting!!! It's really going to be a great place to work. to get ready for tomorrow and to lay down. It got rough around 3pm...when I normally would sometimes take a nap. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm Not Joking...

This picture was used on a very well known dating site as someone I might be compatible with.

I think I'm going to be single forever...

What 2 Wear...

It's been snowing all day here, just so you know. None of it stuck, but the flakes are HUGE. I'm usually a lot more excited about snow than I was today, but that's because it usually doesn't snow this early. I'm sure we'll get some nice days this month before it really starts snowing, so I'm not so upset about it.

This weekend was good-I spent the day Saturday with my friend catching up over lunch and then shopping. Afterward, I went to my parents house and they took me to dinner with my sister and niece. We went to a place I haven't been to in years. It was good.

I just had dinner and am relaxing for a bit before I get my lunch ready for tomorrow and pick out what I am going to wear tomorrow. The first day is a big deal mainly because I think I'll be getting my picture taken for my ID and well, we all know how sucky it is to have a bag picture for years. I think I have it narrowed down to a couple of outfits, but who knows, it could change.

My kitty is doing well. She stayed home over night by herself and did great. Nothing was ripped apart or ruined and she ate and used the litter box. I was nervous she wouldn't do that because she usually hides unless I'm around. I noticed that she is feeling more comfortable though, so that's good. It's also great to come home to someone missing you. She sat on my lap for a long, long time when I got back, purring the whole time. She even let me put medicine in her eye without giving me a fuss. She's a very good girl. :)

I don't have a post for tomorrow morning but I'll be sure to give you an update on how my first day went when I get home. I'm going out to dinner after work so it'll be later tomorrow night, but I swear I'll let you know how I did!