Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Horoscope 4 Today

Inspire others to come out of their shells today, Mags, and have them join you over on the sunny side of the street. Share your cheer with the people around you and lead them into boisterous discussions about the world you live in. You will find yourself on cloud nine today with a great deal of strength behind your happy-go-lucky emotions. Keep things on a light and fun-loving plane and don't worry about tomorrow until it comes.

I think I'll do just that...

Friday, October 09, 2009

Cousins Weekend

I have to admit that I did not think it was really going to happen. Sometimes plans get made with all the best intentions and then things happen and those plans fall through. Or some people pretend they are excited to do something to go along with the crowd and then once they are on their own, the decline the invitation.

But this weekend, that's not the case. I've told you I have a big family, right? On my Mom's side of the family there are 15 first cousins. Last month when this cutie turned 16 (sob):

These cousins:
decided that we needed to get together on our own-without a family going on-so that we could bond and have a good time. Being that I am the oldest of course, my apartment was volunteered for this weekend of fun. (I don't mind, actually. Some of them haven't ever been here!)

In addition to my cousins shown above, the little cutie who turned 16 (sob) and her little sister shown here holding Rye Bread:

will also be attending. (Rye Bread and Tick could be sisters, no?) I'm not certain how I'm going to fit all of them in here:

But we'll cram in...well, they will. I'll be in here:

...and I'm sure I'll be sharing with one of the girls. So, wish me luck as I spend my weekend with a bunch of kids who are a lot younger than I am!

PS. My sisters aren't coming! Bitches! ;)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Not On A Train

I should be on a train right now making my way to date #2 with boy #1. But I'm not. I thought about it all day and combined with your comments, I realized life it just too short to waste time with people I know I don't even want to be friends with.

He was in a meeting all day so I couldn't call him. I was going to work and by the time I'd be able to call him it would have been too late. So I emailed him. I told him that after last nights conversation I didn't feel like we were compatible. I thanked him for the first date and wished him luck.

I was hoping he would write back and say something mean. Because that would prove that I am right. But of course, that's not what happened. Instead, he wrote back and said that I am a great girl and that I'll be a terrific catch for someone some day.

Which is the opposite of mean.

I don't think I made the wrong decision though...but still, it would have been better if he told me I was stupid or ugly or something like that.

Boy #1...Minus 1, Plus 1, Minus 2. Uh Oh...

I talked to boy #1 on Monday and made plans to go out again on Thursday. Since I picked the place for our first date (am I the only girl who thinks this is not cool?) I told him it was his responsibility to pick the location of our 2nd date. He playfully complained about it, though I know he was really was secretly a little distressed. In any case, when we got off the phone I was told he'd email me the next day with his selection.

Tuesday came and went. No, I know he's very busy at work so I wasn't too worried or upset about this-though I do thinks it's weird that he didn't keep the schedule. You're trying to date someone and you tell them you'd email them on a certain date, do it. Right? Anyway, last night around 10:30pm I still hadn't heard from him. So I texted him asking him if we were still on. Normally I wouldn't do this-if he said he'd call or write and he didn't, it's his loss. That's the way I feel when it's this early in the game. And there's also the fact that boys don't often make sense. I can't tell you how many first dates I've had where he said he'd love to see me again, called the next day to reiterate those thoughts and then never spoke to me again.

After he got my text, he called me straight away and told me how sorry he was. He claimed to not have sent the email, but kept it in his "draft" box because he got distracted at work. He thought it was weird that I hadn't responded. Strike one, buddy. I do not believe you. Sorry...I would have liked it better if he had said he totally forgot. He did win points back, however, when he picked a location close to me because he knows how much parking affects me & he knows I'll be coming right from work.

But there's more. The phone call continued on & he lost some major points, unfortunately. Here is the story...

He owns a boat & has been a member of a certain yacht club for about 10 years. Apparently one member was caught stealing cash from the payment envelopes (for gas). He and the rest of the board passed a new rule stating that all gas payments must be made by check or money order. This solved the problem of stealing cash. Sound pretty standard, right?

Until the part where he told me that the other day he paid cash for gas. And when the other board members gave him a hard time about it, his rebuttal was that he was one of the ones who created the rule. And that he did not have a check on him so he paid cash. When someone mentioned that he should have gotten a money order up the street he scoffed at them and basically told them to go screw themselves, that he was going to pay cash whenever he forgets his checkbook and that is the end of it.

First off, I see he can pull the asshole card. Potentially the arrogant asshole card...but I've not seen this until now, so I'm holding off on judgement for the time being. The next thing that bothered me was how horribly he argues. He thought he was right, thought he had the upper hand-but really, he didn't. His comebacks made no sense at all. And when the other people called him out, he responded with, "Stop-I'm about to make you look really stupid right now."

When in fact, he was probably the one looking stupid. He was to me, anyway. I told him right up front that his argument sucked and that "I'm the one who made the rule up" doesn't mean he's allowed to be the one to break it. He then tried to say that there are certain people who don't want to pay with checks because they get paid under the table. I replied that those are the people who need to get money orders.

"Do you know how inconvenient it is to get a money order? It's a pain in the ass!" That was his reply. Mine was, "Really, it's not." Granted, it's more work than paying cash, but if they don't want it to be tracked...well, you get the point. My fear is that he thinks the world should revolve around him and when it doesn't he's not a good enough debater to make a case for himself.

I suppose it's weird that I'm picking apart his argument skills. I guess it's directly related to the banter that I had before this-the fact that there was always a back and forth and even if I didn't agree or think he was right, most of the time he made sense. *shrug* Maybe this just means I'll win more arguments. :)

I thank God that I'm not in this for a long term thing and that it's just the beginning so I can easily let him off the hook. Now watch-he'll end up being "the one" and he'll see this post someday. At least I know I'll be able to talk circles around him...

Wish me luck tonight...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Interview Update

Thanks for all of your emails, texts, phone calls and facebook/twitter prayers and good lucks wishes. The interview lasted from 10am-1pm and was less intense than I thought it would be. I think that I came across very well & was confident in my answers and presentation.

Two really good signs:

1. They are already calling my references. (One called me to tell me he gave me a very favorable one.)

2. HR is calling my college & culinary school to verify education.

This is all being done within an hour of my leaving...a good sign, no?

I hate to say this, but I really want this job. Everyone has been amazing, the campus is beautiful and it would be a challenging role-something I haven't had in a while. Keep praying for this to happen. I'll let you all know when I find out.


I have a date tomorrow night after work. I told him that because I'll be coming straight from cooking, there is a slight chance that I'll smell like beef. Without skipping a beat he told me that it'll probably be one point for me if I do. I forgot...boys like beef. :)

Several things made me smile lately:
*A mom had her baby on her shoulders while she was jogging to catch the bus. The baby-who was about 1 1/2 or 2 years old-had her hands up in the air the whole time. The image I have of them running, baby hands waving excitedly in the reminds me to remember to be carefree & to have fun.

*On the way home from CT the other day I had to stop to use the bathroom. On the way into the restroom I saw 2 old couples crammed into the photo know, the kind they used to have at carnivals and malls...with strips of photos. It was so refreshing to see old people enjoying what I think of as a childhood "toy". The image of them falling out of the small booth like circus clowns, laughing and joking makes me remember to never grow old at heart.

My niece plays a new game called "Concentration 64" which cracks me up because it says, "No repeats...or hesitations." I know it's not funny, but it's a little kid game and it just makes me smile.

I have 6 or 7 of my first cousins coming to stay with me this weekend. It can either go really well, or really horribly. My main concern is space...those of you who've seen my apartment understand.

I spent yesterday afternoon in a Somerville square and have decided that it's one of my top choices when I move in a couple of months.

Remember the sheets I bought at the fair? They were supposed to be 100% Egyptian cotton and 600 threads...when I opened the package, I noticed that this was not the case. In fact, they are polyester. They're still soft but very, very thin. I am angry about this because the sample they had out was not what they were selling. And since it was a fair, I can't return them. I'm amazed at how some companies are so dishonest.

While in the square I went to a local store and bought 2 pork roasts for $12. It's an amazing deal. One is for this weekend and the other for supper club...both going to pulled pork. I think I'll make some sweet potato biscuits to go with it.


No, I'll not translate that. You can try to figure it out though, if you'd like.

I still promise.

Today is my big interview. Please cross everything and pray if you do that. This would be a major deal for me. Please think of me and send good vibes! (I am bringing an elephant in my pocket for good luck, like Linda suggested.)

I think that someone has a crush on me. And I'm OK with that.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Toosdae ?'s

Today I'm meeting my friend Dave for lunch in Somerville. I'm pretty excited because I haven't seen him in a few months and also because I finally get to meet his wife Jess! She seems like such a nice person and I know he loves her very much, so it'll be a pleasure to finally get to know her. Dave was a good friend to me in high school & after we reconnected via facebook he's been one of my many cheerleaders over the last few months. So-I'm excited. :)

I'm also closing in on my big interview on Wednesday. I'm not very nervous yet but today I'm going to be doing some heavy research on the people I'm meeting, the school and anything else I can find. Today's Toosdae installment is only going to be one question and it's something I'm hoping you can help me out with....

1. What questions should I ask the dean? (Remember I'd be his assistant.) Should I ask the same questions to the other deans I will be interviewing with?

I'd post my answer, but if I had one, I wouldn't be asking you! :)

Have a fantastic day everyone. I hope you see at least 5 things that make you smile...not just a tiny little smile either, but the kind that makes your cheeks hurt.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Say It Out Loud

Lots of things made me smile today. One of them was realizing that just down the street from me there's a fun little restaurant which was apparently named by 7th grade boys...

My Young Dong

It's the little things people.

Fair Fun, Dreams & Dates

This was a crazy weekend. You know about Friday and Saturday (big single night out and the Harvest Fest) and I told you that I was driving down to CT yesterday morning to go to the Big E with my family.

Yesterday morning I got up at 6am to shower and pack and then I drove down to my parents house to meet up with the family so we could ride to the fair together. I did NOT want to get up. All of the beer the day before still had me feeling sluggish and I just wanted to roll over and sleep all day. I'm glad I didn't though, because I actually had a fun day.

My mom hurt her leg pretty badly so she wasn't able to come with us. So it was my dad, my 2 little sisters and my niece Rye Bread-who I haven't seen in a while. We made our way up (it's about an hour drive to the fair) and found a good parking spot close to a gate and went inside. Immediately after going to the restrooms, we headed to the petting zoo, ponies and the elephant rides.

I haven't ridden an elephant since I was a little girl (when my sister and I rode one at a gas station in NY) and it was great fun! (Especially b/c Rye Bread asked me to go on with her because she knows I love elephants.)
I love weird & funky sterling silver rings and have quite a collection. For a while now I've been looking for a large ring to go on my middle finger but haven't found one unique enough to buy it. My dad gave us each a little spending money to buy something at the fair, and this is what I got. (Ignore my messed up cooking hands...remember I got talked out of a manicure at the ghetto salon?)

After the zoo and browsing several booths, we went over to the rides where my littlest sister (Lashetta) and my niece Rye Bread played for a while.

This picture below makes it look like Lashetta enjoyed these super high swings when in fact, she hated them and made really funny (scared) faces the entire time...except of course when I took this picture.
Other highlights included playing games (I failed to win a stuffed elephant that I wanted), eating in the beer garden (and drank cherry wheat beer), and buying super soft 600 thread count sheets. I also got a pillow free with the sheets:

As you can see, it was vacuum sealed. When he handed it to me I asked if I had to blow it up. You had to be there, but it was pretty funny because I didn't see the sample pillow they had and truly thought maybe I did have to! I can't wait to go to sleep tonight (for many reasons) so I can use my new sheets.

Speaking of sleep, I haven't been getting much. I wake up every morning around 3am these days due to my back really hurting. I am in desperate need of a new mattress and this will be one of my first purchases once I get a job. I've also been having very vivid bad dreams about you know who and I wake up sad and start analyzing the dreams so I can't get back to sleep. Last night included him packing up and moving away while I stood watching. (Gee, no symbolism in THAT dream, huh?) There were other parts to the dream that I don't want to share, but when I woke up I thought it was a good sign because to me, it meant that I was going to get past this. The dream interpreter online though told me that 2 of the symbols (which I didn't share) could mean something is bothering me and I'm holding it in OR that I was having sexual thoughts. Both could be true, though it wasn't that kind of dream. :)

So there it is. I'm off to do some major cleaning, run some errands and then come home to a nice steaming hot shower (with aroma therapy body wash), a glass of my new favorite wine and an early night sleep.

OH! Wait-there is a tiny bit more. Boy #1 (the one I had a date with) came back from vacation and emailed me to tell me he was back. He also mentioned once more that he'd like to see me again. So, before bed we will chat about that. I'm sure he'll have some funny stories about his trip to share too.

Now-that is all.