Friday, July 17, 2009

Captain Kangaroo

Before you read the following entry, please take eight seconds to watch this short video. It will give you a very good visual of what I am about to tell you. Go ahead...I'll wait.

Funny, no? Now imagine the kangaroo is a person-more specifically, me. I'm standing at the top of the stairs and someone I am angry with is walking up those same stairs. I can't take it anymore and instead of talking things out rationally, I wait until that person gets to the landing and I go kangaroo on their ass.

This is the dream I had last night.

Before you judge me, I'll say that I have been thinking a lot about this person lately and am angered by their actions. It's been on my mind non-stop for quite some time now and last night my subconscious must have had enough and it allowed me, via a dream, to get some sweet revenge.

I'm just wondering why it came in the form of a kangaroo blast the the stomach.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sometimes you just gotta see what's poppin'

And sometimes you just want to flip n' dip. (Or so I'm told!)

This string of craziness makes me smile...they are all things we said on vacation. I said the Doritos one...they are damn good! :)
"Wanna swim home?" "That's why I love Jesus so much" (Doritos) "After you pop your bubble, then what do you do?" (Burst your bubble) "What am I? GAAbage?"

Lemon pudding cakes with blueberry sauce are fantastic. I will share the recipe as soon as I remake them (so I can take a picture, of course!)

Being served a whole fish might be gross to some...and it is a bit intimidating...but it's easier when it's very dark inside. It's also very satisfying when you are done and you see just a head and bones on your plate.

There are just some people I can not trust to put me on hold.

You should always bring a banana to a party. They're great fun! :)

I am sometimes surprised by the advice professionals give to people who seek their help.

Having a boy say he "finds it hard to believe" that I do not get approached by men asking me for dates makes me feel good. Believe it Buster, believe it.

Meeting new people is always a great way to brighten the day.

I have wheels now. It's only a matter of time before I'm the talk of the town. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Desserts

Everyone pretty much left around 9:30pm or so, but 4 of us remained, including the hostess. Sitting around her dining room table was laughed and talked about many things, but mostly about men and women and the way we interact.

One person dropped off and we were left with 3. I just got home. It's 2:49am.

I've always loved long conversations that start out as chats and turn into deep, meaningful connections. I especially love when, hours into these talks, the person sharing realizes that they have never talked about these things. And talking about them makes them feel better. At least a little bit.

What was interesting to me was after he'd had this revelation, he mentioned that other issues he has talked about before were edited out of this conversation. And it confused him as to why he did that. My question-or really, observation-was that I found it odd that he consciously omitted this info, but then proceeded to tell us that he did so.

I don't know what he was talking about and I didn't press. He said that he usually edits things out more to protect the listener and not himself. To be honest, it scared me a little bit. I was nervous that he would share and that I would react the way he didn't want me to react or worse, that I'd find the information to be so horrible that I could no longer be his friend.

I don't think the last part would happen, but I'm only human and I too, have my demons. That being said, he's a really sweet and thoughtful guy and he's been a very good friend to me since meeting him last year.

To backtrack, I don't 100% buy that he omitted this story tonight for our sake. Why yes, that might be true to a certain extent, I think that he did so to protect himself against our possible judgements. I know he feels comfortable with myself and the other woman, and I think he worried that we'd see him in a different light after he shared. (I don't feel bad writing this because I told him this point blank while we were talking.)

I'm intrigued. But then again, I'm not.

I'm reminded of a good friend I had in high school. He was really my oldest friend-known him since kindergarten and stayed close through the years until he came to visit me my freshman year in college. He stayed the night in our room, on the floor, and things seemed OK. Then the next night my roommate started crying and didn't want to go to sleep. I asked her why and she told me that during the night he'd tried to touch her several times and tried to get into bed with her, even as she said no. I felt terrible and also felt betrayed and disgusted. I asked him to leave and never talked to him again. I found out something about him and could no longer be his friend. I don't want that to happen with this guy. He's pretty great. I'd be crushed if I found out he was a monster.

Our conversation just really meant a lot to me. It wasn't one sided-the 3 of us shared things with each other equally and as we compared stories what ended up happening was we all got acknowledgement....that we weren't over reacting or that we did the right thing. Or that even though we thought we were the "only ones" that really, we were not alone.

It's good to have discoveries. And it's good to have friends to walk through them with.

Tonight was a good night.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sun is Shining!

It's sunny out today and I don't have anything to do until tonight. One of the best things about renting a house for vacation is that you come home with clean laundry-there is a washer and dryer downstairs and it's free. No quarters needed! So all of my laundry is unpacked and put away already. I cleaned the apartment before I left, so...really, I've got nothin'. So, I'm going to the beach! Of course it's not even close to being as good as the beach I was just at, but it's got sun and right now that's good enough for me!

This is one of my favorite pictures from vacation. It's my niece Rye Bread playing near the water while we waited for fireworks. Something about it's simplicity just makes me love it.

Tonight is my monthly supper club...though I don't think we had a June (instead we all went out for drinks and food). Because I don't work with these people anymore, it became harder for me to collect money to shop for the ingredients I needed and being that I'm low on cash it was difficult for me to front the money. That's why I suggested we do a pot luck dinner this time. The hostess asked me if I had a theme in mind (to make it more fun). I did not so I asked for suggestions. Among them were: Black & White food, Mexican and the funniest-everything made with corn. (Random!) We ended up choosing dessert for dinner...something every kid dreams about when they are little I think. So, we are exercising our rights as adults and having nothing but sweets to eat tonight. I'm more of a savory person, so this doesn't excite me as much as it does others, but I'm psyched to see my friends and to share some laughs. This is what I am making:

It's fast and delicious. I don't know why (because it's not least not the fast part) but I wanted to add, "Just how I like my men.".

By the way-happy National French Fry Day!